Rate of unthaw....?

by Fred King

They're cropping up everywhere

They're cropping up everywhere

Before I answer the header and title question, lets take a look at this question first. What has science and our past genealogy study done for us so far? The world really is only about 6500 hundred years old!

Firstly, carbon dating is so unreliable that it just doesn't work. We know this! No missing link will ever be found because there isn't one. Do you really think we came from primordial soup? Why do we all have different for instance, finger prints and DNA ? Where we are right now is all designed and planned and this is my opinion and there is irrefutable evidence of to back it up, but what do we do with the control and programming of people our edge will be lost if we do that!

Hypocrites they are, so control must be kept at all costs even if we have to lie and conspire and mentally program people to believe what someone is telling them especially when it is at best a guess to us programming ourselves to live accordingly to "our wishes". Humans shouldn't be in control of themselves too unstable.

News Flash, the earth is a hot cored living thing and is approximately 6500 hundred years old and when a meteor that was greater than 300 degrees below zero entered the earths atmosphere around 4800 hundred years ago caused a snow storm (did it actually collide with the earth?, can't answer that, wasn't there) and the earth's magnetic pull was 25% greater than it is now caused the earth to magnetically pull the snow to the north and south polls, which would explain the 300 foot trees standing straight up in the arctic we drilled through and Mammoth's standing up frozen with undigested food in their mouths and stomachs, caused the earth to become unbalanced and cracks formed on the crust of the earth, causing a flood which then "Froze".

If a coal seam or, if petrifying things takes millions of years? Then why have we found such things as very intricate bells, tools, cowboys feet and boot petrified in the coal seam? greater than half ways down the coal seam!! Look at Fort McMurray, Alberta see what it takes to dig into a coal seam. Did they have cowboy boots in the "stone age?!" no! they didn't and neither are them coal seams millions of years old!

Trees are the best way to age the earth. There is no real way to destroy a tree, submerge it, bury over it, any way you can think of and it will be there when you get back or your future. You can't tell me that what we have accomplished in one hundred and fifty years what the "neanderthal man" couldn't in a couple of million?!!!!
Ludicrous, simply ludicrous. No where we are right now took about 4800 years which would explain the willow tree that is said to be the oldest tree on earth is 4700 years old sonic.net/bristlecone/.

Anything that is on the earth and in the earth and made up of the earth is there to be utilized in life.

It is and has been thawing itself for thousands of years what makes us think that we can accurately diagnose something which at best our understanding of it is guessed, like the earth? We can't eventually understand man's real existence and medically nor scientifically can accurately diagnose most medical problems.

Thanx to pharmacies and pills they don't have too!

The earth is in its state as a direct result of rain forestation and forestation of the Planet in whole by my standards. Take your breathing mask off in an environment that requires it and see what happens to you, a living thing. The trees are the breathing mask of the earth! and if it takes hundreds of years and a few thousand in some areas to grow them back then what do we have? We need building materials that aren't made of wood, we need paper or everything to be electronic so we don't need paper?! So this renewable resource and earth's primary survival necessity can have a chance to recover.

My whole point is the earth has been melting for years and warming up! One would think this normal wouldn't one? The magnetic poles are drawing the carbon dioxide that the trees, which are now in your house was suppose to filter. Think about it rationally, mechanically and physically and you get the same answer.

Do you have any idea how many scientists, evolutionist's, doctorates and associates including the forestry sector would be out of a job! and how many trees it would take to re-write all the books with the truth instead of this - millions, billions(?) of years old fantasy we been writing about? You should see the rotting logs around here!!!! Guess we all need to work, at environmental jobs or elsewhere how about we turn the desert into an oasis and feed the earth including ourselves instead of building bombs and making a small amount of people "rich"!

I believe that the above is an opinion of mine to what is actually happening with Global warming, believe me or not it will always be your choice. Anyone who reads this should plant five trees each!!!!! Just do it!

ps..... Get stuff by Dr Kent Hovind it will do you good

Barry's Response - In interesting read, indeed. I wonder if the good doctor would agree with you.

See a bit more about him at... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kent_Hovind

Search this site for more climate change information now.

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Everyone must read this...
by: Susan

hence 5 stars. I was unaware that my jaw was gaping, and resting on my keyboard; pardon me as I squeegee the drool into the trash receptacle.

Okay, that's a little better. Now where was I before I entered the land of insanity? Oh god, I cannot UNREAD it.

I have no words. Wait! I think the shock is subsiding, and I do have a few. That's a few more than the illiterate psychopath who composed this incoherent, possibly drug-addled screed.

Please do the world a favor, and call your local mental health hotline. Take yourself off the street, put on the white coat, and don't ever come back outside again.

Thank you,

Interesting article
by: Amit

Your article makes an interesting reading.However the age of the earth you mentioned seems too unrealistic.

Interesting article
by: Anonymous

Hi I think your article is interesting but as you say that earth is only 6500 years old,that sounds a bit too unrealistic to me.

by: flippinstokster

Earth 6,500 years old. That's ridiculous, we have fossils that date back millions of years from all forms of life including vertebrate's that obviously took more than a few centuries or a thousand years to evolve. You can't destroy tree's? first time I've heard that before. Every heard of "slash n' burn?". By the way algae from the ocean is the true "breathing mask" of the earth.

good research work.,
by: sri

your work is interesting.and i agree.

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