Red Pandas

by Jenny
(UK, Cornwall)

Cute little guy

Cute little guy

Apparently we (us humans) could become extinct if the red pandas die out because, if the red pandas become extinct, it will mess up the food chain which will leave other animals to die out as they have no source of food, which means other animals die out etc. Then it will get to us.

Since we're animals that are at the top of the food chain, we will die out as all the animals and plants in the world out. Sad isn't it; that's why when you kill a bit of the earth, you should think the entire biosphere, including the red pandas, which are part of us... xx

Barry's Response - Bottom line: preservation and conservation are good ideas. Right? Thank you Jenny.

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In order to save us, we must first save the voiceless
by: Gerry aka KOTO

Aloha Jenny:

You are so right. We humans are thinking too much of our own lives and not enough about the wildlife that cannot fend for themselves against our neglect. We are allowing our life-giving water to become contaminated, that all that rely on the water and land life to die. Of course we will be ever so close behind them.

If so, shame on us. Not you or I but the people that have the power to really make a difference. One of our big problems, as far as I'm concerned, is our neglected storm drains that many individuals use to dump waste, which contaminates the water. I go to City Hall in my area all of the time and I'm starting to make a difference.

Health and Happiness.
Gerry aka KOTO One of the Keepers of the ocean

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