Result of human deeds...."As u sow so shall u reap"

by khushi

Can y'all hear me?

Can y'all hear me?

Heyyyyyy frends!

See global warming is a issue that everybody knows today. So instead of saying or blaming each other we should try to find the root cause of it....and should think, "OK...what measures can we take to solve this problem irradically...otherwise we will lose everything...see we have got less time."

we should think about other living organisms living on ice and about our feature generation......and should really do something to control's our duty. THINK plzzzzz

Barry's Response - That would include carrying out some research and educating us on these environmental issues in order to make intelligent, informed decision. Thanks for the pep talk, Khushi.

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Monkey see monkey do
by: KOTO

Aloha Khushi:

You are so right on. If humans would have lived with (thinking monkey-see, monkey-do) and have learned the way of the animals we would not be in this advanced mess that we are in.

Animals are much smarter then humans, they take care of mother nature and do not destroy it. They don't cut the tree or re-route the rivers. They don't manufacture garbage to feed their families or tribes and they are close-knit families that take care of each other. They adjust to their homes and lifestyles without trying to take away others, unless forced out by humans.

Too many humans make things for self profit, not caring about the destruction of others'. Way too many humans think only of themselves with no regard for the elements of society that cannot speak up for themselves. You are smart in the way you think and I'm sure you will survive, as many will not. We need people like you to show others to take care.

I am very old and will not see what you will, but I wish that the powers above keep you around to teach others. Look up "Koto keeper of the ocean"
and you can see what I'm trying to do. You might even get some ideas. May the force be with you.

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