save our nature

by basil

A look at our environment

A look at our environment

Due to this, how our beautiful nature was exploited,

we want to prevent our nature from having to endure these serious problems. We would take effective steps against this.

Barry's Response - Our natural environment is important to us; that's for sure. It is also in our nature to identify and then solve the problems in our society. And that's what is going on here. Thank you, Basil.

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by: cadv

We do hear all this all the time with people saying out this slogan shouting and protesting around many parts of the world. However, nothing different has happened until now. And thus it makes us think a lot about on it.

We all need to save the environment
by: KOTO

Aloha Basil:

Beautiful pictures! I find that each and every one of us need to be responsible for the area in which we live or visit and I have found that picking up dangers left behind by others is one way of helping to save the environment. We just want to be sure to keep our water clean and free from contamination.

Each one of us needs to reach out and pick up after others that don't care, and let them see you do it. In the end, it is we who do will be blessed by Mother Nature, the voiceless, the children, wildlife, waterways and the powers above.

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