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by Amy
(Plano TX. US)

Basic Skills in Life

Basic Skills in Life

Math is very helpful in school. Of course it helps me in Algebra, but it also helps me in other classes. Like in Science.

The teacher tells us the long tedious way to do it while I just do the math in seconds. Also it helps me find my grades. I can average my score without using a computer! Sometimes I don't think my teachers can.

Math might be one of those things that can be boring, but without it there would be nothing. You'd have to worry about writing a hot check. You wouldn't determine which chicken was a better deal. This is why I know that I have to do my homework and learn it so that I don't have to worry in the future.

This is why math is so important to all people

Barry's Response - Right you are, Amy. To some level, anyway, it's one of the essentials we need for survival in our modern society. A skill in mathematics provides one of the fundamental ingredients of precise communication.

A math education concurrently develops our abstract reasoning, discrimination and problem solving skills. It helps us use our intuition and understand the relationships between various elements of our world, especially our physical world. This includes understanding technology and opens the doors for further study and employment in hundreds of fields, including meteorology, of course.

Success in business relies on a minimum set of mathematical thinking capabilities as well.

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by: Anonymous

A math instruction simultaneously builds up our dynamic thinking, separation and critical thinking aptitudes. It causes us utilize our instinct and comprehend the connections between different components of our reality, particularly our physical world. https://dissertation-masters.co.uk/

Barry's ResponseThanks, A. You are correct.

A Must Skill!!!
by: asvd

Skills in Maths is a must if you in higher studies and in life. Problem solving skills is developed when you get skills in maths. This article talks about it

Barry's ResponseThanks, A. It also helps you develop logical and strategic planning which is useful in non-mathematical areas of life, as you imply above.

Enhance with some more conccepts
by: Rose

Good, But needs some more explonation.I Like

by: manish

Nice thoughts. do u really think it works like this.

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