Screw the children, save it for yourself.

by Robert J.
(San Francisco, CA)

Barbados Beach Crab

Barbados Beach Crab

I know a lot of people talk about "saving the environment for our children". I wonder if these people realize that A LOT of us are going to be alive to witness the horrible results of all our pollution.

I know that I'm expected to live at least another 60. If the current trends of fossil fuel consumption, deforestation and other plundering of our natural resources do not change... well I'm positive that we'll start to see devastating GLOBAL consequences of our actions.

There are actions we can take. Most of us know some of them, drive less, recycle, buy energy saving bulbs, etc. However there are many other ways to help: eat less meat, eat more locally grown produce, sell your car and use public transit, if public transit is bad in your area, move to some place where it isn't... and so on and so forth.

Sadly, I don't see the average American (or average member of most any nation) taking any sort of serious action other than CFL bulbs and recycling (if their community sanitation picks it up for them.)

In the end, it will probably be large scale geo-engineering that saves us all, but that too may open up a whole new "can of worms". We'll all just have to wait and see what happens.

Barry's Response - A little fresh 'tude there, Robert. It never hurt anyone. Whatever works. Thanks.

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by: Gerry aka KOTO


You say screw the children, save yourself. By saving the children we are saving ourselves. One must think outside the box.

It is not just me, me, me; it is all, all, all. Once you start doing things that help or save the children and wild creatures, it affects all of us. One must start somewhere.

People hear what we say, they also see what what we do. And seeing is believing. You sound like you're young enough to start doing. By leaving a clean environment and setting examples for others, you're making a good start.

Good luck on your trip. May the force be with you.

One random act of kindness at a time.

With Aloha KOTO One of the keepers of the ocean.

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