Shock Of Edmonton 2009

by eno

What the cold has done to the trees..

What the cold has done to the trees..

I think it's a surprise that our 2008 and 2009 weather have changed constantly. There's a big difference between 2008 weather and 2009 weather I don't know why our weather is so shocking, and I probably think Canada is so cold because our planet is changing. I hope our 2010 weather is not going to be so cold but I think that this might be the ending of our world. I know it's kind of crazy thinking that but think about it our world hasn't been this cold for a long time. I hope the weather gets better.

Sincerely "Brianna"

Barry's Response - Look at what the warm has done to the trees. They're all grean and leafy. After the cold comes warm. It happens every year.

Thanks, Eno, by the way. Yes we experience anomalously cold winters from time to time, but they do not hurt anything, environmentally speaking. We have not seen the cold weather we did years ago. I see the Edmonton average temperature, after giving environment Canada annual averages a quick scan, has been about a degree warmer over the last decade or so than it was in the 60s and 70s.

The warmest year was 1987 and the coldest in recent times was 1996 (looking at data up until 2005). 1950 and 1951 were the coldest overall.

Remember Al Gore and his global warming graphs? Here are a few I found that applied to Edmonton. indicates a temperature trend based on a linear regression of available data from 1949 to 2009 which indicated a rise of +2.24 degrees Celsius over that time, which they extrapolated to positive 3.8 degrees per century. The equivalent figure for Calgary is 1.6 degrees per century, and generally, lower trends for most of the smaller places. Weatherspark indicated this as a global warming trend.

Search this site for more information now.

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