short water pollution

by Tonisha Gorham



It's about time we tried to save the earth. They're three layer on water pollution.

Barry's Response - Perhaps you're talking about the three-tier model for water quality monitoring in India.

They start with the State Level Co-ordinator, who contributes big picture planning on water quality management, allocation of funds, training and other issues. Next comes the District Level Liaison Officer, who provides supervision, compilation and processing of data, amongst others. The third listed is the GP level Coordinator: again, supervision, data functions plus intervention and training at the grassroots level.

On the other hand, you might refer to the three physical layers of a lake. The top layer, called an epilimnion, has the warmest water with higher amounts of oxygen and lower amounts of acid dissolved in it. It also bears effects of exposure to wind and other forces of nature (e.g., birds and fish), which leave the water more turbulent and sediment and algae laden water.

The second consistently identifiable layer has been called the thermocline, or formally the metalimnion (middle-lake-layer). The most distinguishing feature of this layer is that it has the highest vertical temperature lapse rate of all the layers, henceforth the name thermocline. The water is quite clear in this layer.

We call the dark, heavy bottom layer the hypolimnion. In the summer, when the top receives heat from the sun, this layer is the coldest. And in the winter, when ice covers the water, the bottom has the warmest temperature. But the temperature at the bottom does not vary much.

Good things come in threes.

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no no no
by: Anonymous

Something must be done to stop any water pollution, for instance, people or businesses which throw their waste or toxic waste in the water should severely fined. But besides these companies and people, there are businesses and persons which respect the law, the environment, the nature.

by: Dennis

This post on water pollution and the different layers of the pollution proved to be an informative one. The post allowed me to clear many of my doubts about water pollution. Keep up the good work guys.

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