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Southern Lake Huron

by Rebecca Woolvett
(just east of Sarnia ON)

Lake Huron at Camlachie ON

Lake Huron at Camlachie ON

A photo of the lake as the ice was forming...

Barry's Response - Very nice Rebecca. Thank you. Sarnia has a population of over 70,000 and is the biggest city near the lake. Many people enter the US through the border crossing there as they enter Port Huron in Michigan.

The ice shown here may or may not have been associated with lake-effect snow, when cold air crosses open water, gathering convective energy and moisture, and falls heavily on the ground downwind. This process may even lead to thunder-snow storms and Canadians call this region the snowbelt.

Environment Canada reports marine ice conditions during the appropriate times of the year. The report for Lake Huron are provided at this page - https://weather.gc.ca/marine/region_e.html?mapID=10

While there, you can check out the conditions at the other Great Lakes as well. It includes tabs for ice conditions, weather maps and forecasts...information worthwhile knowing if you're planning on using these waters.

We have a lot of ice in Canada.

Search this site for more information now.

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by: Anonymous

hi-actually-this immediate aea is the 'banana-belt'!!

Barry's Response - hmmmm....

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