Southern Lake Huron

by Rebecca Woolvett
(just east of Sarnia ON)

Lake Huron at Camlachie ON

Lake Huron at Camlachie ON

A photo of the lake as the ice was forming...

Barry's Response - Rebecca, that's great. Thanks a lot. Sarnia has over 70,000 people and is the biggest city near the lake. As they enter Port Huron in Michigan, many people cross the border there.

It might or might not have been lake-effect snow, which occurs when cold air crosses open water, gathers convective energy and moisture, and falls heavily on the ground. It can even lead to thunder-snow storms, which is why Canadians call it the snowbelt.

During the appropriate times of the year, Environment Canada reports marine ice conditions. -

Check out the other Great Lakes while you're there. It includes tabs for ice conditions, weather maps and forecasts...information worthwhile knowing if you're planning on using these waters.

Canada has a lot of ice.

Search this site for more information now.

Speaking of the weather on the Great Lakes

I'm reminded of a great old Canadian Song:

I'd like to take you back to November 10, 1975, when the Edmund Fitzgerald encountered a meteorological maelstrom on Lake Superior. Over the region that fateful day, a powerful and rapidly intensifying storm system developed.

The ship encountered hurricane-force winds, gusting up to 90 knots. Due to these extreme winds and Lake Superior's immense size, the vessel was pummeled by massive waves. The ship's crew encountered a ferocious late-season storm that can be particularly treacherous for shipping known as a November Witch.

Atmospheric pressure was plummeting fast, and the storm showed no mercy. As a result, the Edmund Fitzgerald and her crew were in a deadly and volatile situation.

We would emphasize the extreme nature of this storm and its devastating impact on one of the Great Lakes' mightiest ships. Despite the Edmund Fitzgerald's durability, such meteorological conditions can be tough on sailors and vessels.

After the disaster, questions arose about the accuracy of the weather forecasts. But we know and acknowledge the unpredictability and complexity of weather systems, pointing out that forecasting remains a hard science, especially when storms intensify so quickly like the one that took the Edmund Fitzgerald.

RIP Gordon Lightfoot
November 17, 1938 - May 1, 2023

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by: Anonymous

hi-actually-this immediate aea is the 'banana-belt'!!

Barry's Response - mmmm...I love bananas.

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