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And all those other seasons we enjoy...

And all those other seasons we enjoy...

always waiting for spring and praying for an end to winter

Barry's Response - Better than sautumn, for sure. At least you have anticipation rather than longing.

Have a good year.

How about a few interesting bits of information about the spring equinox: The equinox occurs at the same time (right to the second) as the fall equinox in the opposite (North-South) hemisphere. The world finally found a way to share something.

Those on the equator see the sun in the north at one part of the year and the south later on. During the spring (and fall) equinox(es) the sun goes right overhead. If you look at it, not only will you go blind, but you'll get a crick in the neck.

If you think you can balance a raw egg on end on the spring equinox (a famous meme), you can. But you would then be able to do it any day.

We officially call the spring equinox the Vernal Equinox - why is beyond me.

The length of day is a little longer than night most everywhere on the equinox. Why? Because of atmospheric refraction of sunlight. Here - the Brits had some fun with this concept:

Exceptions would be in valleys where day is never longer than night. The equinox is defined as the moment in time the centre of the sun crosses the plane containing the equator. Or is it when the plane crosses the centre of the sun?

On leap years, the first day of spring is always earlier than the other years, sometimes on March 19. That's because somebody slid an extra day into the calendar when we weren't looking. Dontcha hate it when that happens?

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