And all those other seasons we enjoy...

And all those other seasons we enjoy...

always waiting for spring and praying for an end to winter

Barry's Response - Better than sautumn, for sure. At least you have anticipation rather than longing.

I hope you have a great year.

I'll give you a few interesting facts about the spring equinox: It happens at the same time (right to the second) as the fall equinox in the opposite hemisphere. We've finally found a way to share.

At the equator, the sun is in the north for part of the year and in the south for the rest. On the spring (and fall) equinox(es), the sun goes right overhead. You'll go blind and get a crick in your neck if you look at it.

You can balance a raw egg on end on the spring equinox (a famous meme). Then you'd be able to do it anytime.

We officially call the spring equinox the Vernal Equinox - why is beyond me.

On the equinox, the day is a little longer than the night. Why? Refraction of sunlight by the atmosphere. The Brits had some fun with this:

In valleys, day never lasts longer than night. The equinox is when the sun crosses the plane containing the equator. Is it when the plane crosses the sun's center?

Spring always starts earlier on leap years, sometimes on March 19. Someone slipped an extra day into the calendar when we weren't looking. Don't you hate it when that happens?

Search this site for more information now.

It is understandable that the long and harsh winter months can sometimes be overwhelming, resulting in a longing for spring.

Seasons are part of life's cycle, and each one brings its own unique experiences. Take advantage of the opportunities winter presents by embracing and appreciating its qualities. Despite our desire for change and relief from the cold, it can be helpful to explore ways to cope and find meaning during the winter.

Embrace winter's unique qualities and opportunities. Introspection, self-reflection, and personal growth can happen during this time. Spend time with loved ones, read, pursue hobbies, or explore indoor activities that spark your interest during this season.

Additionally, cultivating gratitude and a positive mindset can help shift your perspective. Enjoy the beauty of winter landscapes, the coziness of warm blankets, and the sense of renewal that comes with changing seasons.

Staying active and prioritizing self-care can also boost your well-being during winter. Make sure you exercise regularly, eat right, and sleep well. Getting support from friends, family, or a therapist can help you talk about your feelings and find strategies to cope.

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