stop water pollution

by ayma

Polluted Water?

Polluted Water?

This is all about water polluton

Barry's Response - Yes it is, Ayma. We hope it can be stopped in time.

Who's affected by the practices leading to water pollution? Pretty much every populated locale on the earth. Some have stated that this problem is the number one cause of illness and death worldwide.

At which point do you decide that a water body or course is polluted? When it is so
severely affected by contamination that it cannot be used by people or it cannot serve as a niche for its previous biological community.

air quality, water quality is affected by a variety of source types. Point sources include individual items such as drainpipes and channels where surface runoff is collected and drained.

Pollution sources not classified as point sources already have a significant dispersion built into them before even entering the solvent body. These normally include water running of a flat area adjacent to the water body, such as a contaminated field or a city.

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its our fault
by: Anonymous

what you said about factorys being the problem is not correct. we as citizens are the real problem we cout for about 98% of all water pollution. from not picking up pet wast to using fertilzers in out lawns.

water pollution
by: Anonymous

water pollution is getting worser

Industrail water pollution
by: Anonymous

I think Industrial waste water is the biggest source of water pollution. Many industries do not properly handle their waste water. Contacting a Water Consultant is a good choice. That way we can reduce water pollution and increase industrial treatment

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