Stuff in the air - How about Weather Please?

(Windsor, ON)

Downtown Windsor

Downtown Windsor

The included information for is very thorough and offers the reader a great deal of information on the weather in Alberta, Canada. There are a few things that the website designer can do to improve the site's effectiveness and look.

Although I have never been to Alberta, I will still offer some tips on the website construction. We have very good access to weather information in Windsor, ON and it is clear that this site provides Albertans and those interested with good weather information also.

This website seems to offer the reader up to date information that is useful and not cumbersome. However, the reader would probably be looking for a clean, easy to read website and there are a few things the creator can do to facilitate this.'s name is a little cheesy and cliche. Also, by CAPITALIZING each word in the website's name can be a little confusing. To resolve this try listing the name as in case the url address needs to be case sensitive when entered. It would be unfortunate to lose a surfer for this minor reason.

The banner used for the name of the website is very sinplistic and even boring. Try finding another one that is a little more detailed and clear. The one used appears to be a little fuzzy (using IE).

The index on the left side uses a very difficult to read font. For some reason, the words are broken up. Try using a different font and use bold if necessary to remove the broken up letters.

Finally, the links for "Alberta Map", "Weather Expert Witness" and "Fort McMurray Oil Sands" are in a poor location. Try moving the to the left side of the page under the index.

Barry's Response - Wow, we've never received any useful technical criticism before. Some of these suggestions will be taken to heart and implemented over the course of time. Thank you for your comments.

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