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Sweden Snowboarding

by Bill
(England, Devon)

Just for the fun of it.

Just for the fun of it.

It was great, we went snowboarding in Hemavan and was a great adventure holiday with 2 other friends. I did not feel the cold much wearing the ski jacket and salopettes - even though i just had a t-shirt on underneath. I'd been to Sweden before to visit relatives in Stockholm but that was in the summer and had some really nice weather.

Im about to start a course in Meteorology next year at a university in england and looks like its gonna be really good, with a year away in oklahoma - home of the tornadoes and storm chasers alike. Online i usually use BBC or the MetOffice to check whats going on with the weather and they're usually good for learning about the subject. So to improve this site a little you could try to make some study guides and simplify them so people could understand - just maybe talk about fronts/depressions/other pressure systems etc. and some more 'extreme' weather articles. But still this is a great site and should help quite abit with my physics coursework, so thanks for that!

Sorry, but lost my camera on the way back so lost all my photos and dont see any point from getting any off google.

Barry's Response - Meteorology is always a worthwhile thing to pursue, Bill. Even if just for the love of it. I found a representative photo. Hope this will do.

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by: Rake

Whoa.. The photograph actually makes the name of the site so true, stuff in the air. I wonder how people do these kind of stuffs so easily, where I find it so hard to do the normal snowboarding.

by: Anonymous

You must of had fun snowboarding. I love weather.

great fun
by: Rathi

Looks like you had great fun during the holiday..Really missing the pictures..

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