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The Canadian Weather.

by Danielle M. Capner
(Taber Alberta Canada)

Calgary Chinook

Calgary Chinook

Canada, a very large and beautiful Country. I have lived in to two very extreme climates in Canada.

The first being Northern Manitoba. In Thompson we had 9 months of winter. These are extreme weathers in the most of cases, where temperatures would drop to -50 degrees celsius without the windchill. We could get up to 15 feet of snow, or enough snow that we were shovelling it off of our roofs. In the summer it wouldn't get very hot, however the humidity was so high that when it was 25 degrees celsius it would feel like +38 with the humidex.

Now in 2004 I moved to southern Alberta (see a bit about Calgary weather) where the winters are so few and far between its actually very nice. However, Alberta is such a dry province that in the summers when it is +40 its +40. in the winters we get very high gusts of winds from the west called chinooks and what little snow we have is gone in just a few hours. The Chinooks bring high temperature but very strong winds.

I think as far as Canada being cold, it all depends on when are where. Northern Canada, like our Territories have there moments of cold winters but other places not so much. Global Warming sure isn't happening in Canada that's for sure. We are reaching extreme heats like other places in the world, so until Canada gets the title of being "HOT" we don't have to panic.

Barry's Response - I don't expect that anytime soon, Danielle. But a few of us might be looking forward to the day, perhaps.

Thank you for the good summary. I've never been to Thompson but lived in Medicine Hat.

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