The energy does not belong to you

by Raul G R
(GDL Jalisco Mexico)

Friendly Advice

Friendly Advice

The planet is trying to recover itself of the changes we made, but we are too many and too irresponsible for the planet care, we only want comfort and pleasure.

That's not too bad if you have no effect on anyone or anything, but any superfluous waste of energy you make affects hundreds of people and thousands or millions of life forms in the world.

The USA is the more powerful country on the world and also the more responsible for the changes the planet is having.

One person in the US or Japan use about 8 times more energy that one people in Brazil or Argentina.

Every day you breathe in this world you change the planet, and after you, the change on the planet lingers on.

Do you want to be remembered as part of the generation who destroyed the planet?

Every time you use your car, your computer, even every time you buy food, you are making a change in the planet. The change for good or worse depends only on your every day choice, this planet that belongs to the next generation.

Please be wise and kind.

Once we were part of nature, now we are beyond nature, we became greedy and lazy.

Remember you are the one who can change the planet, to make it better.

Barry's Response - There you have it folks. Thanks, Raul, for the insight, philosophy and wisdom. Policy changes occur on all levels - consumer, family, business and upward to government. See if we can get more scientifically correct decisions made at all levels.

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