The joys of Winter

by Manoj T
(Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India)

Enjoying After The First Snow Fall

Enjoying After The First Snow Fall

This year we were experiencing a rather dry winter and it had not snowed all winter in the Kumaon region on the Himalayas. This had happened for the first time in over 30 years. The weather pattern is changing and things are getting warmer. When we had all but given up hope of a snowfall, we did have a good snowfall one fine day in late February. Though the snowfall was delayed inordinately, it was a welcome relief.

In the hills a lot depends on the snowfall. The streams, the springs and the lakes which provide water for the survival of man and animal alike are all dependent of timely snowfall. If there is no snowfall or scanty snowfall, the summer months are particularly difficult.

The streams and springs which provide the nectar of life dry up and people have to trudge long distances just to fetch water. With many villages in remote hill tops, people are dependent on these streams and springs. People keep waiting for a good snowfall so that the summer months are less difficult.

Though the people in the hills are not contributing to the growing pollution as in the plains where all the factories are located, they have to bear the brunt of the combined effect. We need to do a lot more to curb environmental pollution if we want potable water in the years ahead.

Barry's Response - We all hate to see the people suffer. I hope the problems that have emerged will be somewhat self-abating in the future, but nobody knows for sure. Thanks for the input, Manoj.

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