A useful tool

A useful tool

I made this project in 7th class. It was an awesome project, my first project of my life. I experienced project making at that time. It is a thing which can work as an instrument to see things in the forward direction as well as in the backward direction.

It's used in tanks to see their enemy from inside both in forward and backward direction. It is also used in submarines. It can be very helpful in battlefields to keep in check of enemies.

To make this: First I collected data from my teachers. Then I consulted a book on scientific projects and then, with the help of my family, I started my project.

I needed a mirror for it, a piece of thermocol (styrofoam) or wood. The mirror was to be place at an angle of 45 degrees and two mirrors were required. The instrument had to be in a "Z" shape and should be cuboid.

It is to like a pipe Z with two hole: one for entry and one for exit. The mirror has to be placed in the opposite direction at the entrance and exit. So, as we see form the bottom mirror, we get a look out of the front from the upper mirror. The Thermocol (or wood) can be painted and can also be covered with a beautiful paper cover.

The difficult part is to place the mirror in the thermocol. You should be very careful as a bad placement will lead to waste of the project.

Barry's Response - Thanks Gaurav. Are you sure this is not a periscope in the description? See the cartoon above. That's what it sounds like to me.

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by: BAD

Way to completely disregard and violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

What makes a good science project
by: Anonymous

I did not consider this a good example of a science project appropriate for school or home school. The graphic was definitely not appropriate and writing it all in caps did not help in making it sound more scientific.
I would like to continue venturing throught this site. The links on the "fun science lesson plans" page were very good. Unfortunately this particular blog response does not live up to my expectations for a good response and idea that would help children to learn about the world.

Interesting project
by: Anonymous

I admit that I am not very good at science, but I like what I saw here. It sounds like a fun project.

Good one
by: Prakash

Even I have read this in my school days.
Good one I actually went back to my school days after reading this.

I believe that this is a periscope, my friend
by: LanD06

Although a very informative article on periscopes, the background research performed was obviously not done at a professional level. A great site overall, but it seems there is a lack of oversight on the submitted material.

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