The Weather Network

by Esther
(Milwaukee, WI, USA)

You never know...

You never know...

I didn't know this website before, but I like this website. My husband was a meteorologist and he gave me another website for checking weather. Here is the link:

Compare these two sites, I would like Weather Network better because the geography makes it look better then the other one. In the part of radar animation, I think this site is definitely better, but if you want more info for meteorologist, the other one may be a better choice.

One thing I noticed is that this web open relatively slower than other one, but it is not so bad and very easy to find what you want. Over all, I like this website!

Barry's Response - Thanks for that endorsement, Esther. As a meteorologist, I find each site offers its own unique but small advantage and check each one when the occasion I find appropriate comes up. This includes both of the websites you mention. Another one I have been recommending very lately is It provides a very unique spin on weather forecasts for data junkies.

Search this site for more information now.

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Weather Sites
by: Stormie

Ester's article comparing and contrasting the Weather Network and has been very enlightening. I will take Barry's advice about checking various websites according to the information I want. Could there be a link to a spreadsheet listing several weather websites with their strengths and weaknesses? has been very interesting, educational and informative. I will continue to explore it, especially after trying to decipher forecasts that don't define terminology. I'd love to see a link to a dictionary of weather terminology.

An Eye Opening Advice!
by: Anbuinfosys

This is a very nice post about the Weather Network.
This is very interesting to read and i would like to telecast this to my friends.
Thank You!

The Weather Neywork
by: Anonymous

Nice post.Well it depends on one's preferences.I also checked the site and it's really good.

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