by vas zaharik
(regina sk)

Where it happens.

Where it happens.

how do i send pictures of our area to weathernetwork ??

Barry's Response - Here Vas. Try this link:

Click on the upload button. You might have to start a profile. Have fun with it.

There's a lot of talk about the Weather Network. The Weather Network's photo gallery has several categories:
- The Weather category features stunning photos of thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards.
- This category shows off stunning images of the night sky, including the moon, stars, and other celestial bodies.
- Photos of natural landscapes, like forests, mountains, lakes, and beaches, go in the Nature group.
- The next category has pictures of animals, like birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects.
- There are pictures of cities, beaches, and natural landmarks around the world in the Travel category.
- There are images related to environmental issues like pollution, climate change, and conservation on One for Environment.
- A Sports and Recreation category includes photos of people skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and hiking.
- People participating in community events and celebrations, like parades, festivals, and concerts, are featured in the Community and Events category.
Keep checking back to see what's new.

Click here if you would rather submit them to this website, Stuff in the Air.
You'll like submitting photos to this or any website (including social media) for any of these reasons:
Earth under Cover

- Whether it's capturing a moment or showing off their creativity, people love photos.
- Photos allow people to connect, whether it's with friends and family or with a wider community.
- Likes and comments can let people know their photos are appreciated and that they're part of a community.
- Photos can help people preserve memories, and sharing them online can let them keep a visual record of their lives.
- People enjoy sharing and viewing photos, whether they're looking through their own or others' on social media.

Go ahead, give it a try.

Our weather photos allow us to join a broader community, spread positivity, and appreciate nature's wonders together. The experience combines art, science, and a shared fascination with the sky.

Sharing weather photos online is a rewarding experience that offers numerous benefits to both sharers and audiences:

Weather photos capture nature's beauty in all its forms, from stunning sunsets to majestic storms. We can celebrate and appreciate the natural world by sharing these images online.

1. We connect with like-minded individuals who love meteorology and photography by sharing weather photos. People can engage in discussions, exchange tips, and learn from one another.

2. Weather is universally discussed. Climate, geography, and the impact of weather on our lives are discussed through weather photos. A common interest brings people together.

3. Weather photos can shed light on various meteorological phenomena. Through them, individuals can learn more about weather patterns, atmospheric conditions, and the science behind them.

4. Share weather photos in real-time with others in the same region. People can use it to stay informed about current weather conditions.

5. Weather can significantly affect our mood. Bright, sunny images can brighten someone's day, while dramatic storm images can inspire awe and respect for nature.

6. Artistic Expression: Weather photography showcases creativity and photography skills. They use it to display their unique perspective on weather.

7. Weather photos serve as visual memories of specific moments. The weather can remind us of significant events, trips, or even simple everyday pleasures.

8. Posting weather photos online can inspire others to appreciate the world around them and take up photography or meteorology.

9. Internet enables weather photos to reach a global audience. Different cultures and countries can enjoy them, creating a sense of interconnectedness.

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10 minute forecast screen
by: Anonymous

Why have you changed the format of the local forecast on the every 10 min What is on the TV screen now is awful and confusing! We don't need to know the forecast of every small town in Alberta. Please put it back to normal!

From Barry - I'll pretend I'm the boss:Oh, I totally get your concern about the recent changes in the local forecast format. Being an expert in TV programming, I always pay attention to how content is presented. Despite the intent to provide comprehensive weather updates, the current implementation seems cluttered and confusing.

A successful local forecast should strike a balance between essential information and viewer-friendly content. Including forecasts for every small town in Alberta might overwhelm the audience and dilute the message.

I'd suggest going back to the old format, which resonated well with the audience, while considering refinements. You'll restore clarity and coherence to the weather segment, ensuring seamless viewing. TV programs should always prioritize viewer satisfaction and understanding, and as an expert in TV programming, I believe in optimizing content for the best audience reception.

canada is a big country
by: haroldAnonymous

you could spend a little more time on the eastern part of the country and the western part

From Barry - They can be particularly hard hit by storms, floods, and other extreme weather events because the weather in these regions can vary drastically from the rest of the country.

Unfortunately, they don't always get the same attention as the more populous areas when it comes to forecasting.

unhappy watcher
by: Carm

you spend a lot of time on highlighting Ontario Ontario Ontario..... Central Canada ie Saskatchewan and Manitoba are part of Canada too! You seem to skip over us very rapidly during your forecasts. Maybe your name should be The Ontario,Maritimes and B C Network.

From Barry - Alrighty then! You're telling me Ontario gets all the attention, right? You know what they say, "Ontario, Ontario, Ontario, it's just so mesmerizing!" But hey, we can't forget our friends in Central Canada, can we?

Let's not forget Saskatchewan and Manitoba! Maybe we should rename the show "The Oh-So-Amazing, All-Encompassing Canada Network"? Bring the whole nation to the forecast! I'm so happy! Woo-hoo!

by: Anonymous


Barry's Response - She recently moved to late-late night. Catch her after Letterman.

by: Anonymous

The morning of July 14/12 I was listening to the weather channel, when I heard the woman talking refer to the Gulf of Mexico as the "Gulf of Texas"!!! I don't know about the people at the weather channel but that body of water has never been the Gulf of Texas. I can understand the odd slip but that is a real doozy. Better luck next time.

From Barry - Well, well, well! I think someone at the weather channel needs a geography lesson!

Did you hear that, folks? The Gulf of Mexico just turned into the Gulf of Texas! I bet even the fish are laughing! Next time, weather channel guru, but hey, everyone makes mistakes! Just remember to check your map before broadcasting! Happy navigating!" 🌊😄

Channel messed up on the tv!
by: Gail Anderson

Your weather on the tv is showing June 13th. it is now June 18th. it's messed up! My husband is a lobster fisherman, and relies on this channel!! get it right!!!

From Barry - I need to double check the forecast and make sure the date is right. I should also check all the other forecasts and make sure they're up-to-date. I'll have to fix this as soon as possible.

Least that's what I'd say if I ran a weather channel. 😉

Alberta highway north of Lac La Biche
by: Anonymous

You have the highway as 'green' and clear on your current Alberta local highway television broad cast. It is currently closed on 881. Here is the Alberta road conditions from the AMA [as of the time of writing].

Highway alert: Hwy 881 closed south of Conklin Corner because of extremely icy roads and numerous collisions. RCMP Boyle and Fort McMurray are advising Alberta Transportation has shut down Highway 63 from Highway 55 to Highway 881 junction due to freezing rain and extremely icy conditions. Notice will be provided when the highway is reopened. Environment Canada have issue a freezing rain warning for Bonnyville, St. Paul, Cold Lake and Lac La Biche. Freezing rain will stop in the afternoon

We currently have rain and wind here in Lac La Biche. I suggest you change your current road news. People will try and go north using your news.



Barry's Response - Sorry about that. Some things do slip through the cracks.

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