this is what i think

by rebekah

Keep our earth this Beautiful

Keep our earth this Beautiful

I think that we need to take care of our earth and stop trashing it. If we keep trashing the earth then we will not be able to live here any more. I have a lot to say, and how we treat the planet is wrong. Well that is all I have to say.

Barry's Response - There is a lot of truth in what you have to say, Rebekah. Fortunately we are slowly figuring that out and bit-by-bit arriving at solutions that allow us to achieve our purposes and simultaneously reduce our negative impacts on the environment.

Some of the damage will be irreversible but we should pull through okay. Expect it to take several decades in some cases.

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by: Anonymous

Aloha Rebekah:

Many of us talk about the problems and do nothing. Now is your chance to show your feelings about where you live by walking the walk, and that means getting out there and setting some examples for others to see and maybe some to help. Look into your storm drains if you have any. Look in the ones near a market; look at your creeks, rivers, lakes or ocean and see if by cleaning the shore line if it helps, looks better and maybe stenciling the storm drains, GOES TO OUR OCEAN OR LAKE OR DRINKING WATER. Add a picture so all understand. This is setting examples and educating many.

Check out my blog, you might get some ideas of what to do, you sound that you are in touch with mother nature and making earth a safe place for all, mostly the children, wildlife and waterways.

You my friend can make a difference. See and keep me posted if you wish; maybe we can learn from each other.

May the force be with you.
KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean

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