by Clarence

What's in that Water?

What's in that Water?

This pic that I'm looking at us very sad. There shouldn't ever be anything like this.

The water makes me sick, it's so bad. The president needs to do something about it that all should get switched battles to the nationwide. We need help with more than the war - what about all the animals that die because of the water and food they eat?

Look at the water. You tell me, what should they do about it that needs to be fixed asap.

My name is Clarence Torres from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Barry's Response - Thanks Clarence. You express some valid points here, especially those about defending the defenceless (animals, that is). Keep voicing your concerns.

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We are all in this neighborhood together
by: KOTO

Aloha Clarence:

You have started in the right direction, talking about it, and now is the time to do something about it, by walking the walk.

Don't wait until others do something, take the bull by the horns in Las Vegas, and start stenciling awareness messages onto the storm catch basins. Too many people either have no idea what the drains are for and don't know where the water goes once it enters the system. As a result, we find people using the drains as garbage cans and ash trays. Small toxic items such as cigarette butts kill fish along with many other living things and can even choke a baby to death, or poison him/her.

Cigarette butts take many years to decompose, and many smokers do not realize what dangers they are leaving behind. After all, in the movies, actors are frequently seen flicking their cigarettes, and smokers think that it is OK to also flick their poison. We need to educate them.

The ball's in your court, Clarence. Check me out to see what I have started to do.

Remember, being a voice for the voiceless, children, wildlife and waterways has a priceless reward of inner-wealth.

Clarence, our life's blood is our water and if it continues to get contaminated, WE "All" WILL DIE. A bit of help might come from you starting putting messages onto storm sewers, including a picture of a dead fish or bird or both.

You see the problem Clarence, NOW go make some noise, set some examples, take pictures of the garbage in the storm drains, that flush into your waters. GOOD LUCK

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