We can't afford to loose our enviroment.

by Divjot

What is this? where are we heading towards?

What is this? where are we heading towards?

We live in a natural environment which means that it is quite vulnerable to external changes that we do. So we must be extremely careful when doing unpleasant activities that may harm it.

All the basic components of the environment viz. land, water and air are important because they are needed to sustain life on earth. We all must become aware of the fact that if we don't do something fast, our environment will gradually deteriorate and become unusable.

We can do a lot of things like using renewable sources of energy like sunlight (solar cells), bio gas etc. Every effort how small it may be will surely help us a bit to make our environment quite sustainable.

We can't blame our government alone, we are also equally responsible for that. Why should we use products that harm the society? I feel angry at people who say that keeping our environment is safe is the work of the government.

Are they handicapped in taking control of cleaning the environment themselves? If every one of us takes a bit of initiative for conserving our environment, there will be no need for the government to invest large amount of money.
So, I urge all users to make everyone aware the dire consequences which we arise if we don't start to do something soon.

Barry's Response - I hope we are not assuming the governments of the world shall take it upon themselves to save us from ourselves. They can (and do) provide direction and guidelines, and are there to represent the needs of their people and scientific principles. Thanks for your input, Divjot.

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Save The World
by: Mukesh

Listen to the Earth Song by Micheal to get a clear picture to prevent environment.

by: Anonymous

You are right.We cant blame our GOVT,it is our duty.

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