Weather Design

by Derik Sanders
(New Jer)

An idea for Weather Design

An idea for Weather Design

Hello, Everyone I have used this website over the past week to see how to measures up to others in features and the raw weather it self. etc.

I have found this website to give very acute graphs and information about the requested input which is great, but on the other hand I have found the Web Dev and total layout to not match up so well. Other then that a great service for those Snow days

Barry's Response - Derik:

I would hope more than just snow days, but that's a good start. Thanks for your input.

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Hidden Gem.
by: Steph C.

I wasn't too sure about the site having much useful information. I did, however, find a lot of interesting information. I actually would like to come back and read more. I especially like the sections about global warming.

Really helpful stuff
by: Anonymous

This is very good site. Some pretty useful stuff out here.

by: Ginny

Sorry, but as someone who lives in a hurricane prone area of the southernmost part of the USA, I found the site rather amateurish. Maybe it's because we are used to the really detailed Navy sites, because of our precarious position.

Weather Design
by: Anonymous

Very interesting. I did not know about weather design and that there is websites available. I would hope that someone would not just want snow days and would want nice weather on the way. Winter has been too long.

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