Weather Design

by Derik Sanders
(New Jer)

An idea for Weather Design

An idea for Weather Design

Hello, Everyone I have used this website over the past week to see how to measures up to others in features and the raw weather it self. etc.

I have found this website to give very acute graphs and information about the requested input which is great, but on the other hand I have found the Web Dev and total layout to not match up so well. Other then that a great service for those Snow days

Barry's Response - Derik:

I'd like more than snow days, but that's a start. Thank you for your input.

Search this site for more information now.

Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding

Thank you for letting me know the graphs and information on the site are accurate. It's important to have reliable weather data.

I'm curious why you didn't like the website's layout and web development. User experience and website design are crucial, especially when it comes to accessing and understanding weather information. User experience can be improved by intuitive and visually appealing websites.

Website layout and design preferences may vary from person to person, but weather service providers should consider user feedback and keep improving their platforms to meet the needs of their audience. The weather information on websites should be accurate and reliable, and the website experience should be seamless.

Thank you for letting me know that you find useful, especially on snowy days. Keeping people informed and prepared for different weather conditions is crucial for the weather services.

For a platform that's designed for the general public, it's important to make it easy to use.

The goal of weather network forecast websites is to give the public accurate and timely weather info. With the user-friendly interface, anyone can get the information they need regardless of their background or level of knowledge.

By employing a user-friendly design, the weather network forecast website aims to make weather information readily accessible to individuals who rely on it for various purposes, like planning outdoor activities, making travel arrangements, or staying in touch with weather patterns in their region.

Users can easily access and comprehend information like interactive maps, hourly forecasts, severe weather alerts, and other relevant information on their website. To make it easy for users to understand the current and future weather conditions, we present the data in a clear and concise way.

Users' feedback and suggestions help improve the user experience on any website. Users' input helps weather service providers improve the functionality and usability of their websites.

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Hidden Gem.
by: Steph C.

I wasn't too sure about the site having much useful information. I did, however, find a lot of interesting information. I actually would like to come back and read more. I especially like the sections about global warming.

From Barry - There's a lot of information in the articles. Also, the visuals are intended to help people understand the content. I'm glad you found this site.

Really helpful stuff
by: Anonymous

This is very good site. Some pretty useful stuff out here.

From Barry - There's a lot of information about weather patterns, climate, and even links to forecasts on the site. Anyone interested in the environment should check it out.

by: Ginny

Sorry, but as someone who lives in a hurricane prone area of the southernmost part of the USA, I found the site rather amateurish. Maybe it's because we are used to the really detailed Navy sites, because of our precarious position.

From Barry - I'd appreciate more information and updates on hurricanes on the site, so you can better prepare yourself and your family. In addition, a more detailed forecasting site would be more useful for professionals in the area who need accurate information.

Weather Design
by: Anonymous

Very interesting. I did not know about weather design and that there is websites available. I would hope that someone would not just want snow days and would want nice weather on the way. Winter has been too long.

From Barry - Companies like ClimaCell ( are helping make this happen. Their forecast models can deliver better weather for events, outdoor activities, and even crops. Making a difference is exciting.

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