seer of seers and prognosticator of prognosticators

seer of seers and prognosticator of prognosticators

I have tired this forecast website. I use it everyday to check how the temperature or weather conditions. So that way I will know what to wear and if i should bring an umbrella as well. I also check this site for storm warnings as well.

It is very good website and has a lot of useful information. I had trouble checking but i checked weather network and it said London, Ontario was -10 but feels like -19.

I could not find any other information on the other sites but I'm sure they would be useful. The only site I use to look up weather is the weather network because it easy to use in the end.

Barry's Response - Yes, each weather site has its own unique features, including this one. If you're a fan of these sites, check out, also, official Canadian weather at,, and for starters. Give a try; they present some great data. The website discussed above is

Search this site for more information now.

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by: Samus

The mini-article confused me, but since the author's clearly speaking English as a second or third language I understand.

Though a simple Google search would answer the article's question (begging the question "why was this article written"), I am duly impressed with Barry's knowledge of weather-related Web sites. The inclusion of Phil on the top was a nice touch.

by: Anonymous

I really enjoyed this article. I loved the detail and the graphics. I'm very impressed.

I do use the weather network daily to see what is going on daily. I use because it shows my area and updates weather frequently. I do check to prepare if I need to wear warmer clothing or not and if I do need to bring an umbrella.

I also check if it is going to take me a while to get out in about. I make sure check road conditions as well since I live in Canada.

Weather Websites
by: Nonnie

Wow, very impressive! I've never realized there are so many great weather websites out there. I've only been using the local news' weather website and Since these websites often don't match in their forecasts, I'm going to use,, and and as additional reference whenever I research my local weather forecast. is a very interesting and educational site. I'm enjoying exploring it and will refer back to it often. I've always had an interest in weather but was also so intimidated by all the information I didn't understand. Now I have a great educational source to learn from. I'd like to see a children's section so my children can develop their interest in weather without being discouraged by not being able to understand it.

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