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by Winetou

Automated weather forecast is a very good idea. The machines have always been able to calculate, with a higher speed, and greater accuracy than people. This is why we rely so much on machines. Very good article. Thank you.

Barry's Response - Meteorologists Relax! As long as we need humans to interpret the results from machines and make them palatable to other people, we will still have jobs.

Automated weather stations save labour costs because they take on several of the duties previously assigned to human observers only. As technology advances, they should continue to get better and better. But there will always be limitations.

We have nearly perfected the art of automated observations and numerical weather prediction. In this set of automated weather functions, computer models use initial boundary values in the form of recent observations (perhaps automated ones) and then use meteorological algorithms to make weather predictions. Even with the most powerful computers in the world being used, can people ever be replaced?

Not yet. Ever? Maybe, but that would only happen in the future world of so-called utopia where it is not necessary for man to undertake any kind of effort for any reason. Not in our lifetimes, for sure. Thanks for the alert, though, Winetou.

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