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website sucks

Kitty's point of view

Kitty's point of view

hello i am 65 years old and i think you are technically wrong. Your website sucks and I will never go on this website again

thanks again

Jefferey Thomas

Barry's Response - Well Jefferey, it's got nearly a thousand pages now. If you can put forth a concise opinion after reviewing even half of them, congratulations. Whether or not interested in weather, air, pollution or meteorology. Thanks for your input, Jefferey.

I wish I knew what knowledge you were seeking. A good variety has been place on the site to meet the needs of many...especially those doing informal and rudimentary research in the fields contained. This means original scientific whitepapers are not published here. There are online sources specifically dedicated to that service, and there are costs associated with obtaining them.

Here you will find free summaries of well-known, specialized knowledge in many instances; the best place to start for that is the heavy purple buttons in the upper left with the yellow text.

Intor to Weather, Weather equipment, Upper Atmosphere, Satellites and Radar ones for the most scientific articles. Here is a bit of detail on them.

Search this site for more information now.

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