what about the site?

by ally
(Los angeles)

Find it with This!

Find it with This!

well, I am doing a report on weather and air pollution is effecting global warming. and i'm supposed 2 c if there is any good sites 2 c if they can back me up n so far, it suck's!!!!!!!!! JK!!!!

Barry's Response - Good question Ally. Try a search using the Google search box on this meteorology page for Stuff in the Air. See if it helps you find what you need.

I found a few popular examples for you to start with...

You might want to find the fundamentals of global warming...in that case try this page. It presents eight facts, circumstances and bits of evidence scientists have used to support the claim that the world has become warmer.

What have various governments and society tried to do about global warming, such as the Kyoto Protocol? How have global warming solutions worked?

What is the cause of global warming? Actually, several things contribute to global warming.

What are some of the radical solutions proposed to help alleviate this problem? Are these ideas any good for the environment?

How about a list of various questions and answers regarding global warming instead. These ten questions give you a good look at the fundamentals.

Oh yeah, Search this site for more information now.

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Are you concerned about Air Pollution in your area?

Maybe modelling air pollution will get you the answers you need for this problem.

That's what I do full-time.  Try it.

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