What the freck?

by Alex
(Red Deer Alberta, Canada)

Red Deer in the Summer

Red Deer in the Summer

lol! Are you serious?

"Everybody knows that Canada is always cold" ?!

What kind of baloney do you people learn in school?

I live in central Alberta, and during the summer is regularly between 100-105 degrees F.

Winter is cold. But summer is hot.

Barry's Response - Hello Alex. Thank your for this response. You obviously saw the tongue-in-cheek nature of my introduction in that invitation to comment. All in good fun.

Let's talk about climate now. YQF, the regional airport serving Red Deer, provides the weather data. A few miles south-southwest of Red Deer, towards Calgary. In the past forty years, Red Deer has grown rapidly and recently hit 100,000.

According to data obtained at this airport, the area has a Köppen classification of Dfb, which means humid subarctic continental climate. The summers are moderately cool (average daily high and low temperatures are less than 71 degrees F in the warmest month) and there is no dry season.

In a typical year, the coldest winter night is -25 F and the hottest summer afternoon is 85. This is at the airport. Most of these cities have microclimates that can be warmer than the official readings. A mall parking lot can be 10 degrees hotter than the surrounding countryside on a summer day, for example.

In mid-winter, especially, cities' interiors usually stay a few degrees warmer than ambient conditions because of the urban heat island effect. This can happen anywhere.

Search this site for more information now.

As an example, I might describe the climate of Red Deer, Alberta, focusing on key characteristics and notable weather patterns.

Overall, Red Deer's climate offers a variety of seasons, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy each season. Central Albertans learn to adapt to and appreciate the changing weather patterns. Maybe this will help:

- Red Deer has a continental climate with distinct seasons. The summers in Red Deer are generally warm, with temperatures reaching into the 20s and sometimes 30s. During this season, there are plenty of daylight hours for outdoor activities and exploring the surrounding natural beauty.

- Leaves change color in the fall, and temperatures start to cool off. It's a transitional season with milder temperatures and some rain. The winters in Red Deer can be cold. From skiing and snowboarding to ice skating, residents enjoy winter sports and activities.

- Spring means milder temperatures, agriculture and blooming flowers. In the early months, it can be a bit unpredictable, with fluctuating temperatures and even snowfall. The days get longer as the season progresses, and the landscape turns lush.

- Red Deer also experiences other unique weather patterns of the Canadian prairies. Comparatively warm and dry Chinook winds from the Rocky Mountains can cause rapid temperature changes, thawing the frozen ground and relieving the winter chill. Even in the coldest months, these Chinooks can make winter conditions more variable.

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Summers are hot?
by: Huh?

Been in Red Deer (Hell frozen over) almost my whole life, and I can safely say that it's cold all year long. It's April 27 right now and 2-3 degrees celcius every single day with absolutely ZERO sunlight. Gray clouded over dreary skies every single day. It snowed for 2 days straight just last week. We have had one, I repeat ONE warm blue sky day since June 2016. We did not get a summer in 2016 - it literally rained every single day. We had a heat wave in the summer of 2015 which was enjoyable for one month, until forest fires blocked out the sun with smoke until it was freezing again. What year did you write your review? I will say this: we USE TO get nice summers here, but that was years ago.

Barry's Response

Move. Ha Ha! Actually, due to the unusually harsh weather patterns in recent years, locals have had to adjust their expectations of what a summer should be like. Some summers are filled with colder temperatures and rain, which can be a bummer when they're so short to begin with.

by: Alex

I don't need to be told what the weather is like where I live here in cooooold Canada.
Now let me get back to my Hot cup of maple syrup!

From Barry - I'm used to the cold, so I don't mind it as much as others. Don't say I like it better than the heat.

There's nothing better than hot maple syrup on a chilly winter day. *nudge-nudge, wink-wink

Something to smoke
by: Anonymous

Yeah Alex, it has the Köppen classification Dfb; that means humid subarctic continental climate. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. lol

From Barry - It has warm summers and cold winters, and big seasonal temperature swings. There's moderate precipitation all year long. Winters in the area are also known for heavy snowfall at times.

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