what will happin to the world

by ben

The horsemen are coming!

The horsemen are coming!

This earth might blow up or something, some big catastrophe, I feel. Something will happen to this earth we live on now and we will not survive.

Barry's Response - Not exactly good news. There are quite a few theories going around, such as the projected 2012 incident in accordance with the Mayan Calendar. Nothing yet, and hopefully nothing soon. Thanks for your input here, Ben.

Eschatology - the study of end times. Many of the world's religions examine the ending of mankind's reign on earth, and they all share many elements in common. They all deal with some sort of abstraction, making it hard for readers to "put their finger" on what exactly is to occur. The book of Revelation, from the Bible, is one such example, and includes the allegory of the four horsemen of the apocalypse referred to above. I doubt if anybody really understands this book.

The end could start with degradation of the environment. If you think you can help prevent, or at least postpone, annihilation, what do you think would help?

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Leave only foot prints behind
by: KOTO

Aloha Ben:

Just keep doing good things, like helping mother nature and stenciling signs on storm-water drains.

Pick up things that could harm children, pets or downstream water and show people that you care. Teach them to do the same and then you will know that you're doing your part in saving our beautiful earth.

Everything starts with a party of one. Check me out and you will see things that you and your friends can do.

Happy Holidays. Health, Happiness, Inner-Wealth
and Long-Life to you, my friend Ben.

With Aloha KOTO

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