by Ace
(Birmingham, Alabama)

Another Popular Investigative Show

Another Popular Investigative Show

It sounds like the person writing the article hasn't actually watched the show. Lots of factual information but little description. The show does a good job of explaining scientific concepts and then applying them, without the show seeming dull or preachy. As with any Disney production, it's fairly good at appealing to a wide variety of ages. I can recall watching episodes of the show in high school, even, and enjoying it. It's great for there to be such a neat show on air getting people -- not just kids, excited about science!

As for Mythbusters, it's got a lot of flair, but they don't always explain the concepts behiind stuff. More explosions and shiny things and a bit less Science. Although I enjoy watching it, it bothers me when they say, after *one* test/experiment, that something has been "completely 100% disproven". That's not science.

Barry's Response - Thanks Ace: I have watched a few Bill Nye episodes with my kids and have enjoyed it quite well. Not MythBusters, though. Not yet. I did not write the article. Bottom line, I can only recommend Bill Nye so far, and that I do.

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Praise and Criticism of MythBusters:

My experts indicate that overall, MythBusters is a great show that explains science to the masses. It should, however, strive for greater scientific rigor and safety while still being unique. First the good...

MythBusters deserves praise for its groundbreaking concept. Test everyday myths, urban legends, and scientific claims in an entertaining, hands-on way. It's both entertaining and educational.

The hosts are engaging and charismatic, especially Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. They have a great chemistry on screen, so it's fun to watch. They're great at simplifying complex scientific concepts.

MythBusters bring science to life with hands-on experiments. It promotes critical thinking and challenges common beliefs. Science education benefits from this hands-on approach.

Slow-motion shots and special effects add an extra layer of excitement to the show. Adding visual appeal to scientific experiments makes them look amazing.

However we have observed these things:

While MythBusters is entertaining, it sometimes sacrifices scientific rigor for the sake of fun. There are some experiments that lack control and precision, so the results are questionable. Viewers could get misinformed.

Repetition: Over time, MythBusters revisited myths and experiments, sometimes recycling them. Seeing the same thing over and over can get boring, since fresh and original content becomes harder to come by.

Occasionally, the hosts do risky experiments in search of excitement, setting a dangerous example for viewers. Even in the pursuit of entertaining science, safety should be a priority.

It lacks diversity among its hosts, which is a missed opportunity to represent a broader range of perspectives and talents.

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I like Myth Busters
by: VMW

I enjoy watching Myth Busters. Even though I'd agree that Bill Nye was a more informative show and much better suited for kids. Watching Myth Busters is just fun and intriguing watching some of the crazier stuff they do.

From Barry - The Myth Busters show has an air of mystery and unpredictability that Bill Nye doesn't have. Also, it's more tongue-in-cheek and humourous than Bill Nye.

Good way to learn science
by: asvd

Being a young adult, This show and article help me to remember those school days where I watch lots of kids programs, science fiction etc. It might be turn into another great disney production

From Barry - The article explains some of the themes and messages the show is trying to convey, like the power of friendship and believing in yourself. Especially for young adults discovering who they are and what they want out of life, this may be inspirational and enlightening.

by: Anonymous

I think I agree with Barry. I would recommend Bill Nye more. The Myth busters are alright but sometimes I don't think they explain things properly

From Barry - Bill Nye's explanations tend to be more thorough and easier to understand, and he's good at simplifying complex scientific concepts for his target audience.

In addition, he's more entertaining and fun to watch than the Myth Busters, so he's a great choice for anyone looking for entertaining science-related info.

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