by Carl G. Looney, Ph.D.
(Reno, NV)

Temperatures over the span of 450 kyears

Temperatures over the span of 450 kyears

There are cycles within the Sun of which some are related to Jupiter's cycle and others are related to the Sun's orbit around the center of mass of the solar system.

This center of mass is sometimes inside the Sun, but not at its center and so causes a slight wobble, and is outside when Jupiter and Saturn are on the same side of the Sun. This can causs the Sun's core to rotate at varying speeds as the solar system configuration changes continually.

Right now, when Jupiter is just past its closest point to the Sun, there is very little solar wind, which usually deflects the cosmic rays away from the Earth. With no such deflection, the cosmic rays ionize the atmosphere and cause cloud formation, which in turn causes cooling.

On Earth, the oceans store latent heat and are now warm from the extra warmth of the 20th Century. The Great Warm Water Pool in the tropical Pacific, including the Indian Ocean, controls drought and floods in Asia as does El Nino the the Pacific nearer to South and Central America. We have been in the flood stage of this.

But now all indications are that we are transitioning to a 90 year Gleissberg cool period. Ice is thickening in the central areas of Greenland and Antarctica while the fringes are melting from the still warm ocean water. The Earth's tilt is decreasing at its most rapid rate and this will continue for a few thousand years with the result that more solar radiation will fall on the Equatorial Zone and less on the Temperate Zone.

Europe and Canada and Russia will be mostly affected by this. The enemy will be cooling, not warming.

There are other lesser processes, but these are the main ones. Expect the warmth to keep coming out of the oceans and a cooling climate, although there will be the usual ups and downs from the sunspot 11 year cycle (which is actually 22 years if one considers the polarity of the Sun's poles).

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The greatest scientific scam ever attempted by a group of eco-profiteers that include Al Gore and Goldman Sachs London Based Global Investment Management (along with Intercontinental Exchange that brings you unreasonably high gasoline prices regularly), which will make us all poor and colder by having CO2 declared by the EPA as a pollutant when we actually need more CO2 to feed the population of the Earth (CO2 and sunlight and water bring us photosynthese, that basis of the food chain, and CO2 makes plants grown faster with less water).

CO2 is much much too weak to influence warming or cooling of the Earth. It is 386 parts per million in the atmosphere and absorbs a band of about 8 microns of infrared, while watervapor is 22,000 ppm and absorbs a band of solar radiation about 50 times as great for each part. It is water vapor that makes you feel extra warm or cold, as you know.

The figure shows the temperature deviations over 450,000 years as determined by independent European and Russian scientists in different locations in Antarctica. We are currently in a mild period from about 12,000 years ago (a lesser heat peak at 10,000 years ago) that brought civilization and technology.

But we are due for a cooling. It is obvious that the Earth is a bit cooler most of the time, which means an average of colder temperate zones and warmer tropical zones.

Barry's Response - I'll take a warmer place...thanks. Thanks, Carl. Lake Tahoe (pics on your site) looks a lot like parts of Canada.

This web article tells you more about the longer-term cycles that affect our climate, the Milankovitch Cycles.

Search this site for more information now.

Physicists and chemists have both taken turns attacking our climate.

Around 8,200 years ago, whoever was around then saw an abrupt cooling of the climate. One of the most significant and well-documented climate disruptions of the Holocene era.

Please pass the salt! Melting North American ice sheets triggered the 8.2 kiloyear event, which released a lot of freshwater into the North Atlantic Ocean. Freshwater influx disrupted the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), a key component of global ocean circulation. In parts of the Northern Hemisphere, temperatures dropped significantly because of the weakened AMOC.

It changed precipitation patterns and affected ecosystems during the 8.2 ka event. In that time, people started adapting to an increasingly agricultural lifestyle, which had socio-cultural implications.

By understanding past climate events like the 8.2 kiloyear event, scientists can gain a better understanding of natural climate variability and future climate change impacts, and how we can deal with them.

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