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the axxon valdez

Barry's Response - I think you are referring to the Exxon Valdez Disaster of 1989, Fred. I wonder what kind of fish it is? Maybe a whale.

An oil tanker struck a reef off the coast of Alaska. It released up to 3/4 of a million barrels of oil (about half of its load), which affected 1300 miles of coastline.

Causes of the incident include overworked and under-rested crew, inadequate navigation techniques at the time, recent changes in coast guard practices, sailing along a lesser-familiar route, skipped inspection procedures prior to launch, and insufficient maintenance of on-board nav-aids.

Like anything we examine in environmental sciences, things take place as a result of a multitude of factors and cannot generally be simplified to one or two.

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by: Mason

Is that a carcass of a whale that we are looking at here in this photograph? It has been always a natural threat with the oil tankers getting wrecked in the ocean. But there hasn’t been any regulations brought in to prevent this yet.

by: Dayne

Yeah! I think it is a kind of whale. But I could not tell to which species it belongs. Anyway it was so sad to see the disaster that happened to this giant whale. I could not understand the reason behind this.

by: Anonymous

It's a sperm whale, you can totally tell... kinda.

google a pic & you'll see the mouth is similar, that's what gave it away for me (in this pic, the right side is it's mouth).

Also, sperm whales have very small fins, and I don't see any in this pic... almost thought it was a squid!

y do yu ?
by: jodie

y do yu av a ded wale on ere ? ay ?

Barry's Response - The site is about air, air pollution and weather, really. The most important thing affecting the air is the water (and vice versa). So, anything that affects the water, such as oil spills killing sea wildlife, will also affect the air ultimately.

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