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a response

by Valerie

So There!

So There!

This snippet (I hesitate to call it an "article") does little to demonstrate the link between the MBTI type described and math. The sudden imposition of the bold "Math rules!" seems like a nonsequitur.

The instruction to browse the letters individually is confusing, since the letters aren't hyperlinked. The imposition of so much targeted advertising, particularly the placement of the Google ads sidebar cutting into the body of the paragraph, made it hard to find the actual content in all the clutter.

My MBTI type is INTJ. (The NT part is strong, whereas the I and J are weak, almost qualifying as X.) Although I know the Myers-Briggs test is used most often by employers, the people I know who are really into personality typing use it to understand the relationships in their lives--it helps them comprehend the perplexing behavior of their relatives, spouses, children and friends who are of different types.

The personal element is what makes them care about the MBTI. The inclusion of some info one what types work well, or badly, together would be interesting.

Barry's Response - Thanks Valerie. The whole Math Rules thing was meant to be an example of the things my type often appreciates, from my own life. And Stuff in the air is primarily a weather and environmental site.

I periodically hunt for relationship information (involving various types) on the net as well, because it IS interesting.

Search this site for more information now.

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