A Rich and Diverse Community That is in Danger of Being Destroyed

Global Impact 101

Global Impact 101

The rain forests of the world are really quite rich in their beauty, diversity and value to humanity. There are so many exotic and incredible species of animal, insect and plant life to be seen and discovered and one day I would really like to take a trip to one of the world's rain forests and venture into a place that is untouched by humanity.

Humanity really should endeavor to take better care of these natural wonders as I have seen and read how deforestation and the reduction in the size of rain forests is resulting in the extinction of nature's creatures and creations as well as heating up the Earth and costing humanity not only opportunities to learn more about the animals, insects and plant life that is alive today, but also possible discoveries that could lead to new medicines from the natural world.

As humanity continues to expand and more land is taken for development purposes, we are destroying a part of the planet and we have no right to drive animals, insects and plant life into extinction. Other forms of life besides humanity have just as much of a right to live on this planet and by forcing extinction as the rain forests are destroyed demonstrates that we are really not the superior species.

If we cannot learn how to responsibly utilize the resources of the rain forests, then we should not be tearing down precious habitats and forcing other forms of life into tighter and smaller habitats or perhaps into extinction. We need to learn about the rain forests and harness the resources within without causing permanent damage and by minimizing any disruption in the natural order and environment of the rain forests.

I believe this can be done by limiting the number of people that venture into rain forests for research purposes and re-planting portions of the rain
forest that have been or will be torn down for resources. We should be researching alternative sources and means to meet the demands and needs of society without pilfering the rain forests.

Lastly, I believe there needs to be a global pact or commitment to protecting and restoring the world's rain forests before even more damage is done and knowledge and life are lost.

Eventually, we will reach a point where it will be too late and there will be no rain forests left. At that point, not only will we have exterminated a significant portion of life on this planet, but also possibly put into motion are own extermination because we need trees to produce oxygen and all of this burning and industrialization may result in catastrophic climate change.

It is such a shame that so many people get caught up in the advancement of technology and the expansion of society, as well as the money and the power that most people begin to lose sight of our role on this planet and the connection and partnership that we are supposed to share with the natural world. This is not just a planet for humanity and not everything on this planet is for us to take and use for our own needs.

We need to learn that our developed minds and bodies are to be used not for destructive means, but to take good care of what nature has created so that all life can prosper and the world can be both beautiful and healthy for all life. This is a lesson that needs to be learned quickly though as we may very well be responsible for the death of nearly all life on this world within the next century or two.

Barry's Response - Very well put, mystery writer. I cannot add much to that.

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Well written
by: CByrd

I like how the writer states what is happening to our rainforests, and some possible things to stop the deforestation from happening. This writer is very descriptive in his thoughts, and his words create a picture for those reading the page. In the end, this page was well put together and thought out. They could have added a few more thougts on how they think the pollution, deforestation and preserving could be done.

Value of natural water
by: Swaminathan

From the article its clear that nature is tensed and it reflects on us. In florida, the poor people suffers from the flood and its very ugly action of nature. The man who troubles the nature will surrender soon to nature. So please DON'T harm the nature. In this website i need to know much about earthy news and people call for help.

Save a tree, save humanity
by: cangel

The article really shows how ruining something far away can have an impact of our life. In Florida, with our raining season starting early, we having a lot of trouble with water damage because people have cut down trees and replaced them with concrete. Concrete does not absorb water. We must save the rainforests - and also our forests.

Good thoughts
by: Anonymous

The article highlights what is happening to our rain forests and the enormous diversity of fauna and flora it harbors. It points out the havoc that is being done to the rain forests. It pleads for a change of attitude by the human race regarding its attitude towards nature and environment. All that is good and necessary. I only wish that the writer had also dwelt on how we could use natural resources and yet not permit them to be exhausted. this involves a combination of conservation and management measures. There has been a lot of breast beating about the abuse or nature and man's greed. But the best way to go about repairing the damage done is just not stopping the plunder but doing something to help nature help itself.

I find that the writer could do well if he avoided frequent use of 'really' and 'and'. Some of his paragraphs are just one sentence though it has many lines. The writing will make better reading if the sentences were kept short and simple. One would lose one's way trying to follow what the writer says because each point is joined by an 'and' to make a single complex sentence!

Not a bad one
by: rajsekhar291

The first impression was good.Not much interesting as it discusses all the known things about rain forests.He should have added some new information.I think that the site discusses some good topics and I want to explore it.I would search about some new weather technologies.

by: Anonymous

I really enjoyed this article. I agree with the writer that there should be something done to keep our rain forests.

Rain forests are so important to us. If we don't help them what is going to be left of our world?

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