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Alberta weather radio (AWR)

by satheesh

We all should be so happy

We all should be so happy

Alberta is a nice place to visit and like to stay there if I get a chance to do that. Many of the people still have the habit of using radio. For those people it is very useful to get recent weather update.

Some of the people could not be used like blind peoples, so they need some alternative. I think this is one of the better methods to access their local weather information. The Emergency Public warning system also very helpful at the time when people need help.

Barry's Response - You bring up a good point, Satheesh. The radio is best to serve many people, individuals who may not be able to efficiently use other methods of getting weather information by any other method. This does include the blind, those without internet access, newspapers or tv, for instance. Thanks for your thoughts.

Weather radio offers weather information exclusively. We use it to get routine and emergency information. Sometimes a general emergency (such as amber alerts or earthquakes) will be heard on the station as well.

Some of the better radio sets have lights that flash, and/or audio alarms indicating something important to observe. On them, you can get NOAA or Environment Canada information.

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