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by hannah chavez



why do we have globlewarming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barry's Response - Many reasons, Hannah. The primary one given by politicians and others is human carbon dioxide emissions. It and the other so-called greenhouse gases probably make SOME effect on overall atmospheric temperatures, but probably not as much as extremists have predicted.

A more likely cause is natural cycles. Systematic changes in the earth's rotation in the form of the mysterious Milankovitch Cycles, for instance. We have other cycles causing changes in our climates lasting months or years:
  • Mulidecadal cycles likely exist in all oceans, causing sea-surface and climate changes on long time scales.
  • A most famous one is the El Niño Southern Oscillation, which includes both El Niño and La Niña
  • Solar and Solar-magnetic cycles
  • Changes in thermohaline circulation, the ocean currents and their composition
  • Other cycles of astronomical origin, besides Milankovitch Cycles, include motions in the centre of mass of any multi-body system, changes in cosmic rays and other things affecting paleoclimatology as we know it.

There's the start of an awesome list. All of these things have warming and cooling phases. Thanks for the cute drawing.

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Good comment - dippy question
by: MR

I liked Barry's answer though I do wonder how much of a dent in the ozone layer this chick is causing with her hair spray.

More information please
by: Anonymous

I would like to see some more information on this. do you have plans to put more details

by: leah

Very true and straightfoward ;)
I like your answers, Barry.

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