been there done that

by Charlie Onehorse
(prince george bc)

Without the Snow

Without the Snow

I live in Prince George, British Columbia. Pretty much, central BC winters are some times very cold, but that's why a long time ago someone, and I'm sure not an American. Besides I can go out and enjoy the sun in winter not like living in Seattle.

Barry's Response It's well known that Prince George is one of Canada's foggiest inland cities, with low winds. Even though it's cloudy most of the time, it has the driest and coolest summers and early snowfall.

The hottest temperature was 36° in May 1983 and the lowest was -50° on January 2, 1950. There are a few summer days over 30°C and a few winter nights below -30 each year.

For the full story on city comparisons, check out We need to watch out for storms all year long in Prince George, like most of the country.

Find out a bit about Canadian weather warnings.

Search this site for more information now.

I would like to thank you for your call from Prince George, British Columbia.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and may we keep celebrating and cherishing the unique Canadian experiences that our diverse climates provide. Even though central BC winters can be pretty cold, it's important to recognize Canadians' resilience and strength in adapting and thriving despite these tough conditions.

The harsh winters in Canada have shaped our identity as a resilient nation precisely because of this unique aspect of our climate. It's a testament to our people's indomitable spirit that they can endure and adapt to extreme weather.

Winters in central BC can be cold, but they're also a great time to appreciate the beauty and serenity of nature. Canada's pristine landscapes, glistening snow, and winter sports and activities make it unique.

We embrace winter differently than our neighbors in Seattle. There's a difference in the winter experiences between the two regions because of their geographical locations and climate patterns. During the winter months, Prince George has clear skies and plenty of sun, so we can enjoy the invigorating winter sun.

Additionally, the colder weather in central BC fosters community spirit. Our winter festivals, outdoor activities, and shared experiences keep us warm despite the cold. Canadians are known for their camaraderie and resilience.

While the cold winters of central BC can be challenging, they can also strengthen our spirit, show off our resourcefulness, and make us appreciate our surroundings. Canadians embrace all seasons and make the most of each climate's unique features.

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The people have spoken
by: Barry

Thanks for your input. Official data for some mysterious place in the area, probably the closest major airport vs. where the people live day-in and day-out can show some conflicts.

Here is an updated link for PG's data -;category=1

Apparently the station is also noted for light winds and dry summers, compared with Canada's other major cities.

by: Anonymous

I have to agree with the other poster who said Prince George is not very foggy. I have lived here many years, and with the exception of spring and fall, when weather is changing, I see very little fog. Winters are very bright and sunny most of the time. Unless, of course, it is snowing! One thing I have noticed the last 15 years or so is that we are getting more snow and much milder winters. I don't think I've seen anything below -25 more than half a dozen times per season for quite a few years. But the snow!! Finally had to get myself a snowplow for my old truck this year, even. But I wouldn't want to live where there are no 4 seasons, though I could do with about a month less of winter. Some years, winter is not so long, but one can't count on it, so its still effectively the same as far as gardens go.

From Barry - When spring comes, I can start planting my garden. It's worth it for the fresh air and sunshine. Besides, I can enjoy the fruits of my labor for a while.

Prince George
by: Anonymous

I have to disagree that Prince George is quite foggy. Maybe right in the bowl, which is like a valley where 2 rivers meet, but most of us do not live in the bowl, and experience very little fog in summer or winter. Winter is very sunny here. Autumn can be foggy with the extreme temperature difference between night and daytime. Summer is often absolutely sweltering! 80F plus and I am not into really hot weather. My worst complaint about this place is the length of the winters. If they were one month shorter, it would be a perfect place to live. Never would I want to live where there is no winter, I love my 4 seasons!

From Barry - Long winters can be hard because of the cold temperatures and limited sunlight, which can affect one's mood and energy level. In addition, the snow and ice may sometimes make it hard to get out and enjoy the surroundings.

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