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What we can achieve.

What we can achieve.

This is the solution to all the environmentalists' objections to a greener environment, and in my opinion should be pursued aggressively to make sure the oil companies do not use their money and power to stop it, which will probably happen, as it has before.

Barry's Response - Just oil companies? How about other industries? You can add the government, military (especially), the general public, and even some environmental groups.

You need to address all the disadvantages one by one to make a good case for this car. Obviously, nobody knows what energy is being used to compress the air. If that's the type of recharge compressor being used, what are the policies and resources of the electricity company?

It is possible to compute the mass of carbon dioxide emissions (if that's your concern) per mile driven for any car. According to some sources, an air car produces about half as much as a regular gas car. So even if one type of electricity generation is worse, the aggregate is better.

Unless this technology reaches a critical mass (i.e., a dense enough network of refueling stations), the compressed air cars will be nothing more than a novelty commuter.

Market a dual-powered car with a gas tank and engine to make up the difference. Technological improvements will gradually reduce this problem by increasing the range or lowering the cost of two engines.

Another thing that comes up a lot is compressed air explosions. Once again, technology comes to the rescue. Several sources now talk about carbon fibre tanks that don't rupture in an impact but allow small fissures to form, letting air escape fairly slowly.

These examples show how some objections have been addressed in the past. Lets keep working on it with the great minds in the world's organizations mentioned above. Involving them all in restoration would be Brilliant.

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The pursuit of a greener environment is undoubtedly a noble goal, and I agree that practical solutions are essential.

Nevertheless, it's important to remember that environmental policies often involve a delicate balance between industry, economy, and planet welfare.

While corporate interests have sometimes clashed with environmental efforts, vilifying all oil companies isn't productive. They're making strides towards sustainability and reducing their environmental impact.

We need a comprehensive, bipartisan approach that considers all stakeholders' interests. By working together, we can make the world greener. Finding common ground and pursuing solutions that benefit everyone and preserve our planet for future generations is what it's all about.

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