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Motor Development International OneFlowAir Car

Motor Development International OneFlowAir Car

the entire automotive industry has already done better. Compressed air is a stupid choice for automotive fuel. You would need to (somehow) compress it to about 800,000PSI in order to maintain the same energy/volume ratio as gasoline.

Also, the simple act of compressing air is about 20% efficient AT BEST, and that energy has to come from somewhere. After the 80% energy loss of compressing the air, we would see another loss as the compressed air is decompressed to power the car.

I have seen these engines run effectively while usefully producing about 40% of the potential power stored in the compressed air tanks.

Seriously? You expect a car built out of pure STUPID to save the world?

Barry's Response - It's possible these are the reasons why compressed air cars haven't taken off. In my opinion, these statements pose serious practical problems for making these cars a viable (and reliable) mode of transportation.

That doesn't mean we should abandon all research. There's still a long way to go. Is there anything I can do better? Can we get better vehicle efficiency and reduced air quality impacts? We shall find out. Thanks for your provoking argument here, Biggie.

search this site for more information now.

I appreciate the thoughtful insights you have provided on the topic of compressed air as an automotive fuel.

It's crucial to evaluate new technologies and their potential impacts. As the automotive industry advances alternative fuel options, it's clear that compressed air needs to overcome complex challenges in order to become a widespread solution.

Often, innovation involves balancing potential benefits and practical limitations. While compressed air has some advantages, like being cleaner and emitted fewer pollutants, your concerns about energy efficiency and the energy losses associated with compression and decompression are valid ones.

We can refine and improve these technologies through open discussion and constructive criticism. For our energy and transportation needs, it's important to keep questioning, analyzing, and refining our approaches to ensure we're making informed decisions that benefit our environment, economy, and society.

The novelty factor alone makes it a great buy.

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Nice article!
by: Jonathan Woods

I completely agree with your words. We need to do something for the betterment of our environment. The amount of exhausts needed to be reduced. We can make it possible up-to some extent by regular maintenance of our vehicles. Thanks for sharing such a nice article.

From Barry - Vehicle maintenance can reduce air pollution by reducing exhaust. Investing in renewable energy sources and using greener fuels can also help reduce air pollution.

Others say air pollution isn't caused by vehicles or energy production, but by natural sources like volcanoes. There are others who argue air pollution isn't a problem at all, and it's actually good for the environment.

You may find it hard to believe.

by: Charlie

Air is not all good. But the battery for the Tesla weighs .4T, it cost AUD 25k and only lasts ~ 3 years... and it recently broke the distance record here in Oz at 500 km/ charge - WITHOUT THE AC ON - and with the windscreen wiper set vertical to minimise drag..

Carbon fibre tanks cost about $3000, they weigh ? - 30kg and if designed to be fatigue free will be as good in 100 years as they are now.

And range? - carry more carbon tanks, or swop them at gas - air! stations like we do gas cylinders now.

And we can charge them directly with wind powered compressors. Truly carbon neutral.

> aircar, airbike, airtruck, airboat, .... airplane, aircopter?

Any comments out there - ?


From Barry - Electric motors and compressors can be powered by wind turbines, which can generate electricity. Aircars, airbikes, airtrucks, airboats, and other vehicles can be powered by compressed air.

We can come up with a whole range of sustainable transport options using this technology. Not just cars, bikes, trucks, boats, but also planes and helicopters. By doing this, we'll be able to reduce our reliance on traditional fuels and move closer to carbon neutrality.

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