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Canada...where i live

Out here in the West

Out here in the West

I live in BC canada, and we do have summer. It is very cold in winter fall and beginning of spring, but today, its summer and it was 31 degrees Celcius which i believe is around high 70s in ferinhight (spelt it wrong?) thanks ;)

Barry's Response - Believe it. We can have pleasant summer weather here in Canada, where I live also. Rarely is it too hot for most people, but fine just the same. Your 31 mentioned above is about 88°F. Thank you for this comment.

British Columbia has about as much variation in its local climates as Canada does itself. This phenomenon results from two overlying forces. The first is the proximity to the Pacific Ocean, which is normally upwind of the province. The second is the high mountains and deep valleys in the interior.

Generally speaking, the coastal regions have a nearly-Mediterranean climate with little extremes in both summer and winter weather. But cool, though, keep in mind that all of the BC mainland, including Vancouver, is north of the 49th parallel. The capital city, Victoria, is at 48.4°, on an island. This region is well-known for its heavy rains, more so in the winter.

The mountains are colder and receive several feet of snow every winter. The interior valleys, most notably the Thompson and Okanagan valleys which house the cities of Kamloops and Kelowna respectively, are very dry. These deserts (Koppen Bsk typically) have cold winters, though and the small amount of snow they do get lasts for a few months. They are also amongst Canada's favourite vacation spots during the hot dry summer months.

Most of the rest of the province falls between these three extremes. Additionally, the northeast region of BC is north and east of the mountains, quite removed from the ocean and bears a geography and climate more closely resembling those of the prairie provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The largest city in this region is Fort St. John.

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