Control pollution and save planet

by shriram
(erode, tamil nadu, india.)

Industrial Air Pollution

Industrial Air Pollution

Today we are in a situation that we cant live without comfortaility. But for comfort we are destroying our nature and envirounment. This will leads to dangerous consequences. All the thermal and nuclear power plants operating in world causing air pollution. Air pollution which have many ill effects like acid rain, drought, etc.

To control air pollution, all people should work together to control it. Usage of automobiles is very much incresed today. So we want to reduce the usage of automobiles. We should plant more trees. All industries and factories should be fitted with air pollution controlling devices. Energy generation should be done only by renewable resources like air, solar, etc. By this way we can control the pollution.

Barry's Response - Thanks, Shriram. It seems like a dire situation, and I hope the human ingenuity that created these problems can lead to solutions.

Though your suggestions seem obvious, they'll still be helpful and will get us started. Thank you for caring.

Here are some
solutions to indoor air pollution.

Here are some interesting proposed
solutions for global warming.

Search this site for more information now.

Okay, let's get right to the point.

I hear what you're saying about the environment, but let's not forget some important things.

We all need comfort and progress in our lives. We've come a long way in the 21st century. The idea that we're just out here destroying the environment without a care is a bit simplistic.

It's true that power plants can pollute the air. There's no doubt about it. Let's not forget that these plants provide us with energy. It's not just about turning off a switch and switching to renewable energy. This is about the real-world complexities of our energy needs and the transition to cleaner energy.

Reducing automobile usage sounds great in theory, but it's not always practical. Many places don't have reliable public transportation, so people need their cars to get to work, take their kids to school, and run errands. Sure, planting more trees will help, but it won't solve everything.

Don't even get me started on the idea that factories and industries should just install air pollution control devices. Regulations and technology advancements are important, but it's not that easy. It's about the economy, jobs, and livelihoods.

Hey, I'm all for being responsible stewards of the environment. Be mindful of our consumption and reduce our carbon footprint. Make small changes, like using reusable bags and buying more sustainable stuff. It's all about the little things!

Please note also that we can't just throw out the whole energy sector and reshape our lives. It's about balancing progress and taking care of our planet. Instead of pointing fingers and saying we're mindlessly destroying everything, we should encourage research, innovation, and realistic solutions.

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dangerous ! control it !
by: divya

every where / in every city pollution is the majior problem. it's our duty to control the pollutin as we are the suferrers.

so,let's start the work now itself.

From Barry - Despite this, some people say pollution isn't just a problem in cities. We all need to work together to solve pollution, they say.

Pollution control
by: Sam Prabakar

My first impression is very good about the site which gives you information about how to control pollution from factories and to save planet. If we didn't take any initial steps to control this kind of pollution then it is the starting of Global Warming. The fact that we can't accept now it is a very strange fact that we have to control to save the planet.

From Barry - To protect the environment and future generations, some say we need to act now and that we need to spread awareness about pollution and start implementing green solutions. No matter how small, every effort counts.

by: Abhishek

That's real correct..We need to control it Rite Now
As they say..
If Not Now..WHEN??
If Not Us..WHO??
Its gotta be Us n Its gotta be Now..

From Barry - We'll have a harder time reversing the damage if we wait too long. Now is the time to protect our environment and make sure future generations have clean air and water.

to control air polution
by: sindhuramesh

Presence of one or more contaminante like as smoke, dust, odour in the air or atmosphere which are injuries to human beings, plants, animals.

From Barry - Environmental degradation can also be caused by these contaminants. Monitoring and regulating air quality is essential to everyone's health.

by: Asha

we must control pollution

From Barry - Health problems like cancer, respiratory illnesses, and heart disease can be caused by pollution. Thus, we can preserve our natural resources and protect people's health by controlling pollution.

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