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cutting of trees

by daksh

Save these precious guys

Save these precious guys

it's easy
1 cutting of trees
2 making more and more factories

Barry's Response - Easy to destroy the environment, I assume you to mean.

The removal of trees can become a problem when the land they were growing upon becomes industrial, agricultural or wasteland not used for growing more trees. Some trees are cleared by regulated industry (forestry products and such), while some for more personal reasons such as firewood or home building. Tree farms, on the other hand, tend to rely on new wood growth to sustain their businesses and must constantly replenish. If harvested responsibly, tree removal can be done without permanent damage to the environment. Better research and regulations has started leading us in that direction. It has also give some people an intrinsic incentive to care.

Research also helps us gain the benefits of industrial development while minimizing negative impacts to the environment. Industrial ecology studies interactions between manufacturing and the environment, to increase responsible uses of energy and materials. As we (as a species) get better at this, we shall become more proficient at preserving our earth and resources.

There's hope.

This great list of articles gives you more background information into this kind of stuff. See how the earth, air and water interact with each other, so you have a more complete idea of how industry affects the entire system as well. It's important.

Search this site for more information now.

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