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Downside of Disney's New Movie "UP"

by Dan Presser
(Carmel, CA, 831-622-0800, info@fourwindstravel.com)

Up Up & Away...

Up Up & Away...

It is my hope that Disney adds a piece to its new movie "Up," that advises people not to release helium-filled balloons into the air without the ability to reel them back in.

Here's why. When balloons fall into the ocean they look like jellyfish. Endangered leatherback turtles love to eat jellyfish and sometimes chow down on balloons, mistaking them for their favorite food.

Unfortunately this indigestible rubber glob lodges itself in the turtles' intestines forming, a fatal block. Inside the leatherback's gullet are spines which point downward. This keeps slippery jellyfish from oozing out. It also means leatherbacks can't regurgitate. A deflated rubber balloon has only one way to go, down the throat leading to a dim future for the turtle.

Leatherbacks are beautiful reptiles that can reach one ton at a length of up to eight feet.

I urge Pixar to add a sequel to "Up" showing the beautiful leatherback and telling its audience that they are on the brink of extinction. Balloons are bright, colorful and lively yet they can be deadly.

Barry's Response - A very real concern, Dan. Thanks for bringing that "Up". Another concern is the inspiration that it could provide for people to try tricks of this sort on their own, such as the infamous 1982 lawn chair incident. See this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Walters.

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by: Anonymous

I've read the book and really enjoyed it.

We are all on this sphere together
by: Gerry aka KOTO

Aloha Dan:

It is going to take people like you and I to make a difference. I think a good game plan might be to get people to sign something you put together, asking Disney - not only to add this, but to also stencil the storm drains where ever they do what they do, making movies, operating Disneyland, etc.

Too many people that work or go to these places, don't realize that these Storm Drains empty untreated into our natural waterways, rivers, and eventually the ocean. Watch Disney's Finding Nemo for an example.

People carelessly drop things into, or upstream from these drains and when it rains, every thing washes right into them. This garbage kills turtles, fish, birds and wildlife in general and it contaminates the water, both fresh or saltwater.

Plastic bags are the worst. They kill turtles and many other things.

You will need to "shake some trees." Call City Hall, write, email or call your local News media and let them know that you and many others have concerns for the voiceless and they need defending.

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