Earth is God

by Shaun
(Medina, Ohio, U.S.A.)

God in Action

God in Action

Going green will not save the planet.It might prolong human civilization. THE PLANET IS GOD!!! The planet will destroy us before we can destroy it. Its happening as we speak. Natural disasters and disease. Were not as powerful as we might think. THE EARTH IS IN TOTAL CONTROL AT ALL TIMES.

Barry's Response - According to Wikipedia, A fundamental concept from three related world religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) has been referred to as the The Kingdom of God. I don't think that is earth, but who knows?

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I don't know about all that
by: Anonymous

Like I just sommented on another entry, global warming is a total hoax. If people want to talk about data - what data is there really? What of sun cycles and the procession of ice ages? Or, like I said in the other entry, the number one green house gas is water vapor not carbon.

I guess having just graduated college as a physics major (and that is not to say I don't believe in god) I don't know where the jump is to say that earth is god and that it is consciously creating disasters. Just like the ice ages and this talk of global warming there have been many times in the past of eras of relative geological upheaval. There simply isn't enough data and humans don't live long enough to have a useful memory. So what if it's the warmest or most upheaved year in YOUR life? In the scheme of hundred of millions of years, your 75-100 really mean absolutely nothing.

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