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by karthick
(kumarapatnam karnataka india)

Known CO2 contributers

Known CO2 contributers

Due to global warming, polar ice caps are melting very soon. This causes a significant rise in sea level, and this rise decreases the land available, making human habitation very difficult.

This will soon make coastal cities, villages & towns vanish and soon, the whole earth will be submerged under water.

The effect of global warming can be clearly seen in the movie, The Day After Tomorrow. Global warming is due to increases in green house gases like carbon dioxide. They trap the sun's energy & don't allow the heat energy to escape off.

The heat energy melts the polar ice caps & causes global warming. People must be made aware of it & must reduce use of fuels that emit green house gases on combustion & must make use of renewable sources of energy.

By doing so global warming can be reduced significantly.

Barry's Response -
Reducing fuel combustion is a good idea for many reasons, Karthick. Curbing global warming MAY be one of them.

Classic theory on this has put it that the greenhouse gases forms a protective layer around the earth, preventing terrestrial long-wave radiation from escaping from below until it emanates with sufficient energy (from increased terrestrial temperatures) to overcome the blockage above. It does not block the sun's radiation; that's why the potential is there for it to get so warm in the first place.

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