Environment is degrading

by shaikreshma

Water and Air - Our Resources

Water and Air - Our Resources

Now-a-days many issues regarding atmosphere research is going on in order to come out of the pollution. From the moment when we come out of the house we can watch a cloud of smoke exhausting from several cars, buses, thermal power stations, factory chimneys etc., and even if someone smoking a cigar is making a huge damage to the environment and present it had become a global problem.

Discomfort to the eco system is occurring to the environment in many ways such as through air, water, chemicals and natural calamities like Tsunami, acid rains and volcano. Mostly pollution in the water is greatly occurred where every waste materials from industries are dumped into the oceans, which directly effects the water organisms and indirectly to the mankind and resources. Especially the toxic wastes and lead are majorly effecting the people with out improper IQ, growing problems in children and many other major problems in kidneys, liver, hearing and reproductive system.

The major part that is mostly effecting the environment is through industries where they dump toxic materials into water and danger gases into the air, these can be overcome to some extent by growing plants, building factories at outskirts from the cities, decreasing the usage of plastic and polythene materials and redesigning and checking out the existed factories etc. Hope every one will realize and move forward in helping the environment coming out of pollution.

Barry's Response - Thank you Shaikreshma. In the environmental protection field,environmental protection field, we are helping industries develop ways to prevent the environmental degradation you talk about. There is still a lot we can and will do.

Search this site for more information now.
I might approach this comment with a combination of skepticism, emphasis on personal responsibility, and assertiveness regarding economic interests. So let's break this down...

Now we all want clean air, but let's not jump on the alarmist bandwagon just yet.

We have someone here talking about pollution and atmospheric research and now they are mentioning clouds of smoke from automobiles, buses, and factories. There is no doubt that there is pollution out there. Can we really believe that every time someone lights up a cigar, we are destroying the planet? That is a bit of a stretch, isn't it?

Let's not forget the blame game they are playing with industries. It is true that some industries are not as eco-friendly as they could be, but it is not like they are deliberately trying to harm the environment. We are discussing jobs, livelihoods, and economic growth. It is not possible to shut down everything for the sake of some vague notion of environmental purity.

There is also talk about dumping toxic waste into the water. In general, I am in favor of responsible disposal. However, let us not act as if every factory dumps chemicals into the ocean as a matter of course. Regulations and standards are in place, and most companies adhere to them.

Please do not misunderstand me. It is important to reduce pollution and protect the environment, and I am all for finding ways to do so. Our responsibility as stewards of this planet should not be underestimated. However, we cannot ignore the fact that industry is essential to the growth of our economy. Finding a balance is the key, not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I would like to take a step back and look at the big picture here. We should focus on realistic solutions that do not ignore the economic realities we face. Work together to improve the environment without giving in to the fearmongering and extreme measures that some individuals advocate. It is this common sense approach that we need in this complex world.

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Preventing Atmosphere from Air Pollution
by: Rajesh

Ya well said friend. This is good solution. This is one of the major issues going all around the world and it can be solved only by the humans. Now a day’s factories and industries are increasing and these factors are more harmful to the people. These major issues should move outside the city and prevent the atmosphere from pollution.

From Barry - By taking these industries out of the city, it has helped to reduce the amount of toxins in the air people breathe, making their daily lives healthier. Also, modern industrial design reduces the amount of water pollution caused by runoff from these factories and industries, and can even lessen the amount of light and noise pollution.

Before industrial development, we conduct environmental impact assessments to make sure every detail is covered. It's because the assessments require proponents to consider the potential impact of their proposed project on the environment, which can include air quality, water resources, land use, wildlife and even socio-economic consequences. Proponents are encouraged to think about ways to reduce any negative effects on the environment.

Country boy thumbs up
by: Anonymous

I also have concerns about pollution. I grew up on a farm and have observed the the changes in water and air quality since living in town. Sometimes if you have the window down while sitting in traffic or return from visiting the country you can smell it.I can't put it all in words or have the expertise of you folks but I still know that we need to keep form poisoning ourselves.

From Barry - Let's stop this before it gets worse. We need to reduce emissions, switch to renewable energy, and protect the environment. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to keep the environment healthy.

Commendable Summary
by: Anonymous

I did a project on air pollution due to industries as a part of my environment law course and I think the fears on environmental degradation are quiet well founded. The article has put different aspects related to air pollution in a crisp form, which is indeed commendable.

From Barry - To keep the environment safe, stringent regulations and enforcement are needed and we have alternative sources of energy to reduce air pollution. To protect our environment, we need to take proactive steps, and this article is a great starting point.

We continue to simultaneously think it through and implement measures to make it better.

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