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Firefox Weather Forecasting

Firefox Weather Forecasting

If you are a Firefox user, then there is an excelent extension that gives you the current and next-day forecasts along with all weather alerts. This all shows up in either the status-bar or the menu-bar of the browser. This means you can check the weather no matter what site you are on. It uses AccuWeather.com to get its data.

In my area (U.S. CT) I would give it a roughly 95% accuracy rate. Compared to the national weather channel, this is much more accurate. Sometimes it is even more accurate than my local news channel.

Barry's Response Good one, I've never heard of it. A browser extension is an additional computer program that adds features to the browser. In the case of Forecastfox it is weather forecasts on demand.

This one was developed by Ensolis and it gives the current weather and forecast in a toolbar, side bar or menu bar. Easy to understand weather icons and hovering your mouse over it allows you to see weather details.

And yes, the weather data is from Accuweather. Have a look at these other options for the weather forecast data you might need.

Search this site for more information now.

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Firefox without Flair
by: Turkey

Firefox already has a way to load extensions onto its browser. This site does not add anything that Firefox has not already provided and is extremely lacking in any other useful information.

by: Anonymous

That is very interesting. I never heard of that before. I never would of guest that Firefox would have a forecast fox. Very interesting and I guess you learn something new everyday. I'm going to look into it.

by: Kaye

This is very interesting because I often have wished I had a quick and easy way to check weather. I can use it on my work computer - I think the supervisors must already have it because although they don't alert us underlings, they sneak out the door at the first hint of bad weather.

I've explored this site and am looking forward to checking more of it out. This whole website is great, very interesting and educational. The links load quickly and I keep thinking it should be used in the school system when the students study weather. I'd like to see some worksheets that could be printed out and given to students.

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