global warming and its different aspects

by Abhijith TN
(Mysore, Karnataka, India)

Like sitting on a time-bomb

Like sitting on a time-bomb

Global warming is nothing but the increase in the temperature of the earth atmosphere. It so happens that without knowing anything, we would have done some wrong thing. Every human being in one way or the other is contributing for global warming.

It is happening mainly because of air pollution due to greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide etc. These gases are released from various sources to the environment. Sources may be bikes, scooters and many chemical industries.

Its important to control the global warming, otherwise, with increase the temperature, the mountains will start to melt and the whole earth will be full of water.

Now,industries should take care on releasing the gases to the environment. They should try to remove the greeenhouse gases by burning them before releasing it. Even the auto industry should take care about the emissions happening from the motor vehicles.

It is so sad that, everything is politicized. Due to monopoly of huge industries in the country, they may well have their say at the government, so still we are unable to implement any environment friendly technologies, hope we will do something good for our planet.

Barry's Response - I hope so too. You never know what may happen. Thanks, Abhijith.

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by: Sam

From this I am able to understand more about global warming and its different aspects. Actually the temperature of our earth’s atmosphere is increasing day by day due to certain harmful activities that have been doing by the people including me. We have to be more careful to avoid such activities.

We Should Join to protect from global warming
by: arumugam

We should join to protect from global warming and we should reduce using corbon products.

Global disaster
by: Amer

the image was mind boggling. the content is very informative to bring awareness among people and i want to get more information about this. So i think fully exploring this site would be better. i like to search about melting of glaciers

by: Anonymous

The picture was the mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. This has nothing to do with global warming. There were misspellings in the article. There were no facts to back up the assertions. The comment about the mountains melting was ridiculous.

Barry's Response Correct. This is one of the most different types of clouds.

Global warming
by: Anonymous

This picture is very impressive. It is very interesting. The informations about global global warming is very usefull. please provide more information about this.

by: Karthick

The imagery attracted me so much. It was informative and appropriate to the web page. The article environment in Asia was also quite nice. It would be good if there is an article saying what youth can contribute to this world.

be aware of global warming
by: Anonymous

the image is is a very informative. yes it is necessary to explore many sites like this. the remedies for global warming.

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