Global Warming is Avoidable..

by Peggy
(Cosby, TN USA)

Where are the facts?

Where are the facts?

Global warming is being caused by greenhouse gases filling the atmosphere and reflecting the heat back onto the earth. I know this is a very basic description of a more involved process. Whereby the heat reflected back to the earth heats the oceans and changes weather patterns because of the change of temperture to the weather causing currents of the oceans.

A change of even 1 degree makes an exponential difference in the climate world wide. Many other effects add to this global problem as in melting icecaps, loss of corals etc.

Each individual needs to understand how each year global warming affects them. The weather changes will affect crops and the growing of food, some food producing areas will have huge droughts, other areas will be flooded. Global warming means lack of food overall and should be considered. By decreasing green house gases in the enviroment will ensure the future of one of our basic

My problem with the above article implies, I believe, to unavoidable passage of time and cosmic influences to the planet Earth which would take eons and eons to see the effect mentioned in this article. Also, all this talk of the vibrations and the imploding of the universe which I do believe but I
don't get what the author is trying to get across by this theory of unavoidable global warming accorded to vibrations.

Another point is that the Earth does not have it's very own personal back hole as described in this article. The black hole is in the center of our galaxy, millions and millions light years away. Therefore I find the article writer is grasping at straws tying to justify the premise of the article.

I also don't see how this article could possibly be related to the current situation happening today with global warming. I just find this article far-fetched without any concrete scientific basis for the crisis of global warming we are faced with today.

Barry's Response - Thanks, Peggy. This article was written by a young student in the Philippines. I have evidence that he continued his research and refinement after this first draft.

I find this incarnation quite difficult to follow as well, long-winded and largely skirts its main point. So much that a reader can easily forget what that point was before reaching the conclusion of the article, and subsequently fail to judge whether the article actually supports its own premise on the question of whether or not global warming is avoidable.

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