Global Warming is REAL

by Aman
(Concord, California, USA)

How will we meet our fate?

How will we meet our fate?

Global Warming has been a concern for a while now, but some were saying it's just a natural climate change. It is very possible that a warming was bound to happen, even without extra greenhouse gas emissions, but looking back at the Earth's history of climate changes, it is about time for the climate to start cooling.

The opposite is true, and the charts from above show that. One day I came across a show called "Last Days On Earth", it was a top 7 countdown of most likely causes of extinction of the human race. Things like a comet hitting Earth, a huge volcanic eruption big enough to block the sunlight and induce an ice age, and even a super computer somehow causing havoc were included in the countdown, but #1 on the countdown was global warming, simply because it has been proven that it is already happening.

Something needs to be done before it's too late to reverse the damage already done. It is totally possible for this to be reversed, but it will require governments to regulate factories, automobiles, and other greenhouse gas emitters.

Barry's Response - I'd like to find this series. Thanks for suggesting it, Aman. Other people who enjoyed this one pointed out that they found it quite entertaining as well as enlightening. That's gotta be a good combination.

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I wanted to watch it
by: Anonymous

Sounds like a fascinating program

Global Warming
by: Anonymous

This sounds very interesting. I even like the fact that it does not say the number 1 cause.

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